VSnA Україна FTW!

Various Snark about Ukraine

Here’s where things are today:

This is a great time-lapse of the last few days.  If you aren’t following my friend @GlasnostGone over on Twitter…you’re missing out…haha

Here’s a lot of my old background material which will be reformatted shortly

October 2016:

This page is in desperate need of an update this week. Here’s today’s map though…and things appear to be heating up.

The VSnA is a Chekist shout-out to all those guys lurking in the shadows. The “Ukraine” is in Ukrainian according to some site.  So that’s what the title means, I think.  Oh, Oh…yeah…For the win.

This page will concentrate what we (the puppies and I) know about the deteriorating situation in Crimea and the Ukraine.

First, a serious map or two.

Then a funny map.

We tried to help...
We tried to help…

Here’s a much less funny map:

Land Bridges...from Russia to Ukraine
Land Bridges…from Russia to Ukraine

UPDATE: We’re trying to find the “good guys” here. I…yeah. Will advise.

And a few more from back in 2014…which explain why this chunk of territory matters.

And more stuff as I find it…

A very cool mapping thingy from PostModernNews

Very cool feature from PostModernNews on Ukraine and Crimea.

I’ve always been partial to the Su-27 Flanker.

I guess they will be all over the place on both sides here.

Here’s one feed (#ukraine) that I’m probably watching atm (Safe Mode – I tried):

And the other (#donbass) (Safe Mode – I tried)

And some more interesting information (RussiaFeed.Org RSS):

A Very Interesting set of Tweets…

And finally, a live interactive map.