Real Talk about Kratom, Vol. 2 – The Plant/Tree Itself

Kratom March - Stop The DEA - September 3, 2016
September 7, 2016

Let’s Get to Know the Kratom Plant/Tree A Little Better Thank you to everyone who commented on and shared the last post – this one is certain to contain even more information on the plant itself, and when and where it is grown. Methods of ingestion and a detailed discussion of the effects Kratom users experience will be contained in Vol. 3. Naturally, Kratom is very a controversial plant or…


Real Talk about Kratom, Vol. 1

They just made Kratom a Schedule 1 Drug
September 4, 2016

OK, What’s the Deal with this “Kratom” Stuff? Happy Sunday! As an adult American male in my mid-40s, I’ve certainly had experience and exposure to various herbal supplements and plant derivatives in my life – some with hallucinogenic effects, some with stimulant effects, some with euphoric and/or pain relieving effects – and of course, many with no effect whatsoever…lol. I am drawn to this particular issue because I see the…


AKULA51 NOW UPDATE: Nicopure Labs LLC v FDA et al

Modz By Nasy Dual 18650 PWM (Series) Boxmod
August 3, 2016

Check here:  Tobacco On Trial Dot Com for updates. EXCERPT: 08/02/2016 MINUTE ORDER. Five parties have filed motions for leave to appear as amicus curiae in support of plaintiffs in this action. The 24 unopposed motion for leave to file by TechFreedom and the National Center for Public Policy Research is GRANTED, and they shall file their amicus brief, which shall be no longer than TEN PAGES, by August 5, 2016….


Akula51DotNet NOW (7/31/2016 09:51 CDT) Ugh, Rain. We’re going to need a new flag later…

Akula51.Net NEWS FOR NOW
July 31, 2016

Tweet of the day so far? Morning Highlights #BigPopcorn — Rob McNeece (@akula_51) July 31, 2016 Sir, I sent this to @realDonaldTrump a few days ago. Sigh… We tried 2 help a while back 2 — Rob McNeece (@akula_51) July 31, 2016 Abdurahman Alamoudi, a man sentenced to 23yrs in prison b/c of …terrorism[.]” connected to Clintons. — CounterJihad (@CounterJihadUS) July 31, 2016 What Will…


[NEW ADDRESS] August 6, 2016 – BAYTOWN TX – Back The Blue Cloud Comp and Fundraiser

Aug6FacebookEventCover-kdbFA #BackThe Blue August 6th #ThinBlueLine #CopLivesMatter
July 31, 2016

August 6, 2016 Cloud Comp and Fundraiser …to let the world see just how much we vapers Back The Blue This is a great event that I heard about from Brian Coffey from the Facebook Group TeamCoffeyVapes 3:30 – 8:00pm The Vapor Shop by M&Z 8023 Fm 1960 Rd E, Atascocita, Texas 77346 (281)739-4935 #BackTheBlue #ThinBlueLine Aug6CompFiler1024x1325-HQ-kdbFA #BackTheBlue August 6th #kazatidesign #specializingInVaping


Show of hands, fellow vapers…Who else is just fed up with our Government?

Books, A Brick In The Wall, and a Box Mod
July 30, 2016

Background…(why not?) I started chewing tobacco (well, more precisely “dipping snuff”) pretty early in life.  I admit, at times I can be something of an “early adopter”, generally at precisely the wrong times…lol.  Bill Gates missed the whole “internet” thingy when it was in its infancy…the CIA missed that “Berlin Wall” thingy when it started toppling…I’m not sure whether Ms. Youree Dell Harris missed the date and time of her tragic passing…


Whew – I think I finally “got my voice back”…haha

Chloe Star and Nacho
July 12, 2016

For most this will probably be “tl;dr” (don’t worry, it’s defined later), but hey…I’m a writer so I’m just going to start writing. When I left my job in early May, my bp was around 215/145 or so. Some days it was a little higher.  I was really lucky that it was a few points under “you’re going to the ER and getting admitted NOW” territory when I finally linked…


Free Vape Advice, Episode V: The Spice Rack Strikes Back

The Humble Spice Rack: An excellent force multiplier for your vaping storage needs
March 12, 2016

My wife’s a genius. While out cruising for bargains at estate sales and in shops that specialize in “gently used” goods, she started collecting spice racks.  And then thought maybe I could use one or two. Wow.  Whether it’s in my closet where I store some of my juice, or behind my door where I store my DIY supplies…this is an amazing and incredibly cheap way to store juices.  They’re…


It was over before it started, alas…

March 10, 2016

So, I haven’t been as involved this year with battery wraps as I had planned. We were planning on launching this year and featuring a ton of ready-to-go wraps…plus all of the custom wraps we’ve done for folks as well. At some point, instead of plowing forward as I usually do, I started looking back and reading some of my feedback…lol I’m not one to listen to one or…