Whew…#BigRoadTrip2016 Day 17 – Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum #CO #Photography #Aviation

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum - 11/11/2016 #BigRoadTrip2016
November 12, 2016

Uh…where did Rob go? I have been a little out of it for a few days and am quite a bit behind in posting…my apologies.  After 4000 miles in two weeks, we’re certainly happy this is the less driving-intensive half of the #BigRoadTrip2016.  I had some sort of back spasm that had me laid out for a few days, but the Doctors at the urgent care we hit here in Pueblo…


So, Where Should #BigRoadTrip2016 Part Deux [8 November – 24 November] take us?

Chloe, Star and Nacho showing off their new Harnesses - #BigRoadTrip2016
October 28, 2016

First, a word from our fictitious sponsor. All our dogs want is Earth to stop moving What the hell, might as well have a poll. I’m getting ready to do today’s post on our movement from West Memphis, Arkansas through Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama into Florida. We really didn’t do too terribly much other than hurtle down the road again today, but I snapped a few pictures and we did…


Whew – Thirty Years of Complete, Total and Utter Devastation (h/t @Slayer)

October 7, 2016

There haven’t been a whole lot of what I would call “constants” in my reasonably short life I’m a 40-something white guy and have lived and worked all over this great country.  I grew up an “Army brat” so was quite comfortable with not having long-term ties to much of anything – we generally relocated every few years so I never really felt like I had a “hometown”.  I look…


Autographs and Jerseys for Sale Now on eBay (therealakula51)

September 30, 2016

I have a bunch of stuff for sale on eBay at the moment, this post will deal with all of the jerseys (mainly Braves and Raiders, some random Hockey jerseys) and also the autographs that I have left that are for sale. Jerseys [eBay item=”302089943195,302089942649″] Autographs – Non-Sports [eBay item=”302090944305,302090945518″] [eBay item=”302090945200,302090944951″] Autographs – Sports [eBay item=”302093024455″] [eBay item=”302093026710,302093027959,302093029432″] [eBay item=”302093031689,302093032552,302093033492″]  


Two Weeks – And From Here to November

July 29, 2016

Whew. My nickname is “Akula51” which of course is a reference to a “Nuclear Attack Submarine”. The 51 was my football number…lol Those things go underwater for long periods of time (as long as possible), get near the surface, cause tremendous amounts of chaos, and then “clear datum” while they assess the impacts to the targets. That was a crazy two weeks, I say…:) We will definitely be doing a…


#FollowFriday – Share your story with US Senators

December 4, 2015

Thanks, CASAA.  What a great idea! Here’s something really simple you can do that could potentially have a notable impact on leaders in the US Senate and their views toward vapor products. As you might already know, this year’s Omnibus Budget Bill may include language that will effectively change the grandfather date for products newly deemed as tobacco products by the FDA. The language has already made it into the…


Three Things to Do in Vegas (Besides Gamble)

Thinking about flying to Las Vegas, but aren’t that big of a gambler? Not to worry, as the recent gambling boom has seen the city begin to offer a variety of new experiences to its visitors. While still known as the Gambling Capital of the World, Vegas now finds itself competing with a variety of different developments. When Macau saw its own casino industry develop, it threatened Sin City and…

June 19, 2015

Hanging out in Richmond…

After meeting with EDI Partners, Meri Jane and I had a little time to kill in Richmond. We had the pleasure of running into my uncle over at Uptown Neon (2629 W. Cary Street) who gave an impromptu glass bending and pumping lesson. What a great place to tour and visit. Doug has been collecting for years. Many of these pieces are collected, many were created by my Uncle. All,…

August 22, 2014