Some Thoughts on (Career) Suicide – and Our Visit to an “American Mecca”

July 24, 2016

What a wonderful Sunday. I’m finally awake…whew. I was just pondering suicide, to be honest. Kasparov’s Law of Notification Pain is at the bottom of this post…lol No, silly. Not mine…lol I’ll get to all of that stuff in a second.   For now, check out that Bacon Cheeseburger porn to your right…lol I’m not paying too terribly much attention to the nomination/coronation ceremonies – the real action in my…


Happiest of New Years to All!

Christmas Pie!
January 1, 2014

2013 is firmly in the rearview mirror.  And good riddance… I had quite a few ‘ups’ in 2013, and naturally the requisite quite a few ‘downs’, making it roughly par for the last few years.  My wonderfully amazing wife and I started the year (with about a third of our stuff) living in Coral Gables, Florida (Go Canes!).  We blinked in late October and Blam! – we were starting the…