Hanging out at the #Liberty #AllClassReunion #KCMO – Made a New Friend!

September 16, 2017

51 Sighting! I’m not sure what kind of bird this even is, but wow…it was a real fight of self-will to keep this from fitting perfectly in MJ’s truck…lol Somehow I contained my excitement and was able to let ol’ #51 hang out and be used at the next reunion. We’ll see if my self-control gets the best of me again next time…:) We also have a lot of history…


Cloudy, but still amazing – #Eclipse2017 / #SolarEclipse2017 – View from Totality

August 21, 2017

So, I managed to get a couple decent pix. This morning I was convinced I was doomed, but honestly, things came out OK.  There were scattered clouds during the actual event, but nothing like my first steps outside around 10:00am… As we crept closer and closer to totality, I could see that being within the umbra was going to mean some big changes visually…lol  The temperature dropped a solid dozen…


Worth Checking Out This July 4 – The Federalist Party

July 4, 2017

Is it time to drop my “Independent” status? One of the most exciting developments I’ve stumbled across recently is a serious grassroots effort – not aligned with either major political party here in America – to call for reigning in our out-of-control and ever-expanding Federal Government.  I’m a firm believer in the US Constitution, but I’m also a believer in humans generally exhibiting what is known as “human nature”.  We…


Happy Saturday!

The Complete How-To On How To Start an Online Argument
June 17, 2017

Whew – it’s been a while since I’ve done any writing here.  We’ve had a sudden and very significant influx of subscribers to akula51.net which is a very neat and most appreciated thing, but who knows where y’all are coming from…lol.  I haven’t been publicizing this site much, but I have been generating a lot of reddit karma lately, so if that’s where everyone is from, welcome! Well, welcome wherever…


From Columbia to West Memphis…#BigRoadTrip2016 Day Two [A Driving Day]

Somewhere in Arkansas - Akula51.Net #BigRoadTrip2016
October 28, 2016

Daddy – Check This Out! We Even Have a Window! Today was our first “real day” on the road.  After seeing Jesse last night in Columbia, Missouri, we set out in a generally South-Eastern direction today, bound for Jacksonville, Florida.  This either means a lot of Interstate (I-70 and I-55) or US Highway 63. We opted for the road less traveled and it was certainly much more to our liking….


We…Are…Mobile! [#BigRoadTrip2016] Night 01 – #Columbia #Missouri #COMO #Mizzou

October 27, 2016

Wow.  So, this mic is on I guess…lol Check, check. Meri Jane and I have decided to take a little working vacation and see some of America during the run up and aftermath of this wondrous and completely mind-boggling election cycle we’re dealing with here in 2016. If you haven’t seen the other updates related to our big road trips – our last one was in 2014.  We spent a…


The Final Debate 2016 Coverage…[bit.ly/FinalDebate2016 – #debatenight]

October 19, 2016

So, evidently there’s a debate tonight.  Here’s our coverage from the last media #ShitCircus. Vegas turned out for the festivities… We have a message from our sponsor, Wikileaks, before the festivities (on behalf of John Schindler, of course). In case you missed it, big news from Charles Ortel today as well. From today with the great @Utrice_Leid —later our friend @DadyChery joined to explain supect goings on Haiti:https://t.co/eR6HTtBX5J— Charles Ortel…


Another Day, More #PodestaEmails (#PodestaEmails10) – [bit.ly/Podesta10]

October 17, 2016

You guessed it As always, there are more emails from John Podesta. From #PodestaEmails10, a mole within #ClintonFoundation, "Justin", reads everyone's e-mails, loads spyware on PCs. | https://t.co/cxVBKilRMt pic.twitter.com/qxRekY07Pd— Jon Hall 🐼 (@JonHallFMS) October 17, 2016 BREAKING: Podesta Emails Part 10 just released!#PodestaEmails10 #FreeJulianhttps://t.co/eREJH2hgWd pic.twitter.com/ylodKZ2T3g— Patrick Henry (@FightNowAmerica) October 17, 2016 But before we get into that, James O’Keefe has a video out today as well… O’Keefe Proves HRC Campaign…


Are These The #Wikileaks Insurance Files? Did Assange go “away”? [h/t @0HOUR1__]

October 16, 2016

Starting with a bang…lol As many of us know There is a bunch of Wikileaks stuff coming this week. Between Anonymous and Wikileaks, it should be quite a week. So, I was shocked to see these three tweets come by earlier.  They seem to have come from an automated process, perhaps a “doomsday device” that wasn’t “pinged” on time.  The device perhaps is assuming that Dearest Julian (sic) is no…


Another Day, More (D) Corruption #PodestaEmails4 (#Podesta4/#Podesta5) is Here…[bit.ly/Podesta4]

October 12, 2016

LOL Don’t forget our Leak 1/Leak 2 PodestaEmails Coverage Here: https://akula51.net/2016/10/10/the-podestaemails-podestraemails-sic-coverage-from-the-trenches/ Here’s a couple to get us started. https://twitter.com/RayHoustin/status/786222398274211842/photo/1 Today’s Stuff… https://twitter.com/Rich_fxdump/status/786269296280281088 This is a neat little chatroom/messaging app – I am on there as akula51, stop in and say Hi. It’s best to start on the phone (download the Bebo app) and then when you log in say you want to join a room.  The code is “xhctpa”.  Once…