Miscellaneous trolling of @RealDonaldTrump

August 14, 2016

Would you look at that…lol Have to be adding to this as we go forward…lol Twitter Shenanegins Pure. Comedy. Gold.RE https://t.co/PnYa8LmreJ pic.twitter.com/ZrqeaIYIzs— Rob McNeece (@akula_51) October 5, 2016 All @realDonaldTrump has to do is say "One of my 1st official acts will be to de-Schedule #Marijuana"It'll make Reagan/Mondale look close.— Rob McNeece (@akula_51) September 19, 2016 From Washington’s Farewell Address…lol Sir – @realDonaldTrump – do you remember reading any of…


And thus was born…#TrollLevelTrump

August 2, 2016

I started thinking along these lines earlier…sigh CPT Khan was KIA in 2004. That was Bush's war. I hate liberals who constantly harp on DUBYA!!!! — so get stuffed.https://t.co/LwOWyL8Myv— John Schindler (@20committee) August 3, 2016 Then I saw this go by… It's just hard to take this seriously from the King of all Reality (and Reality TV)https://t.co/5ukny9BlON— Rob McNeece (@akula_51) August 3, 2016 Hmmm…I was referencing, of course, this. NBC…