The @akula_51 Featured Twitter Friend Page

FTFP?  Another Acronym?

Akula51.Net NEWS FOR NOWI’m starting a new series that will highlight some of my awesome friends on Twitter.  I’ve built my list of friends (I don’t really call them followers since they’re two-way connections) over there in a somewhat irregular fashion – I don’t follow people.  I just follow back everyone (with a few obvious scam-related exceptions) that follows me.

It’s certainly not the fastest way to gain zillions of followers and be all viral.  Or bacterial.  Or much of anything, but after a few years I have accumulated over 8,000 connections on the platform – very cool stuff.  I’m shocked some of these folks have stuck with me through the years…lol.  I’m sure a few probably have me muted by now.

Thus the Featured Twitter Friend was Born

Anyhow, from the main page, there will always be one or more “Featured Twitter Friends” accessible in image boxes.  There’s no real way to associate that image (which links right to the friend’s Twitter account) with any sort of content here on the site, so this page will function as a record of who has been there as a “Featured Twitter Friend”, as well as capture why they’re there and/or significant to me.

So, a list like this has to start off with a pretty strong name.

And this one does…:)

Rep Thomas Massie (KY04, R-KY)

1.  U.S. Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY)

Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District

7/16/2017 – 7/21/2017:  When it comes to conservatism and the House of Representatives, one of the things that first comes to my mind is “The Freedom Caucus“.  One of the more vocal folks aligned with the Freedom Caucus is a guy with a somewhat more Libertarian mindset and one that I’ve had the pleasure of tweeting back and forth with for several years now – Thomas Massie.  He’s a member of the Liberty Caucus and certainly one of the bright new faces elected to Congress recently who came from a private-sector background.  Rep. Massie tweets some professional-grade snark regularly with the #sassiewithmassie hashtag and is definitely one of the more tasteful yet outspoken legislators that has taken to the medium.  He’s only been in politics since around 2010 (and in the House since 2012), so I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing more of him at the national level or not (Kentucky Senate seems to be locked in at the moment between Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell).

He’s just a great way to kick things off!

James F'ing Woods, from Hollyweird

2.  James F’ing Woods

Hollyweird, CA

7/21/2017 – :  Yep.  That one…lol.

James (perhaps unknowingly) helped get me started on Twitter, I’m still not sure what brought me to his attention way back when I had only a few hundred followers (probably a RedNationRising campaign), but it’s certainly been and continues to be an honor interacting with him.  This guy has had such an amazingly diverse career on the big and little screens – and has brought so many smiles to so many faces while entertaining us through the years.  Politically, we agree more than we disagree, which is a nice bonus feature as well…  If you haven’t found his Twitter feed yet, dive in.  It is always entertaining, just like his body of work.