Checking in with Rachel Marsden (#OpRachelMarsden – h/t @OpRachelMarsden)

December 10, 2016

We got the workplace address of Rachel Marsden. She works in 14 Place du Général Catroux, 75017 Paris, France. @akula_51 — #OpRachelMarsden (@oprachelmarsden) December 10, 2016 .@akula_51 The address is where RIA NOVOSTI FRANCE/Sputnik Radio Paris is located. — #OpRachelMarsden (@oprachelmarsden) December 10, 2016 .@sean_spoonts Too bad for Ms Marsden, she got doxed lol — #OpRachelMarsden (@oprachelmarsden) December 10, 2016 If you don’t remember our friend Rachel…here’s some solid…