Orphaned records…split families…reconciliation-mageddon (Originally Posted 1/10/2014)

January 10, 2014

The entire transaction life cycle just hasn’t been well thought out. It’s as if there was nobody within the carrier community that was even consulted by the powers that are over at various alphabet agencies. Processing enrollment transactions is a lot more difficult that it appears from 30,000 feet. And with the Federal Exchange reportedly unable to process life events very well…as well as the constantly changing grace periods and…


Happiest of New Years to All!

Christmas Pie!
January 1, 2014

2013 is firmly in the rearview mirror.  And good riddance… I had quite a few ‘ups’ in 2013, and naturally the requisite quite a few ‘downs’, making it roughly par for the last few years.  My wonderfully amazing wife and I started the year (with about a third of our stuff) living in Coral Gables, Florida (Go Canes!).  We blinked in late October and Blam! – we were starting the…