Akula51.Net FTF#003 – Mr. John R. Schindler

Professionalism (Motivator)
August 3, 2016

I have a list.https://t.co/kDibJBlzDr — John Schindler (@20committee) August 2, 2016 One of the first folks I connected with back when I started this Odyssey known as Tweeting was John Schindler. .@20committee A lot of Crimeans can see Russia from their porch now, that much is certain.— Rob McNeece (@akula_51) March 20, 2014 Damn, if it had only been a wifi-enabled flight…lol MT @20committee: @akula_51 @gabbystern so much for "NSA…


So you want to know about NSA … Friends, Here’s the Blog You Were Looking For.

September 7, 2013

I know I’ve mentioned my friend John Schindler before.  Once your blind rage dies down over some of these inflammatory events as they are reported in the news (wait – SQUIRREL!), he’s a very cognizant and defiantly objective resource that can really give you a valuable perspective as we start to collectively comprehend just what the NSA has done, can do, and should be doing. My role in the Summer…