From Columbia to West Memphis…#BigRoadTrip2016 Day Two [A Driving Day]

Somewhere in Arkansas - Akula51.Net #BigRoadTrip2016
October 28, 2016

Daddy – Check This Out! We Even Have a Window! Today was our first “real day” on the road.  After seeing Jesse last night in Columbia, Missouri, we set out in a generally South-Eastern direction today, bound for Jacksonville, Florida.  This either means a lot of Interstate (I-70 and I-55) or US Highway 63. We opted for the road less traveled and it was certainly much more to our liking….


Big Road Trip Day One – Liberty to North Platte…

Mound City!
September 6, 2014

OK, so we got something of a late start (which was still better than leaving Saturday), so immediately started deviating from “the plan“…lol.  We scrapped Kansas and headed for Nebraska. That means new state #1 was Iowa.  Nice. Iowa was mainly memorable for a “shoe incident”.  Everything was going really well until I hopped out of the Urban Assault Edge Vehicle to snap the above shot with the Tablet…sigh. Needless…