John Podesta’s Greatest Hits

jpIn honor of this inside job which yielded Mr. Podesta’s e-mails…

We’re going to be launching a new series – #PodestasGreatestHits.

Initially, I wanted to do a summary post with each batch of documents like I’ve done previously, but these just started coming out way too quickly. Thus, we’re going to stop that and focus like a laser on particular e-mails, presenting them in their entirety (so you don’t have to deal with wikileaks), along with any related links and commentary.

Remember, this rocket scientist used such a difficult password, we know it had to be the Russians that hacked him, am I right or am I right?


This page should tie all of them together, we will be linking to each post below.

The #PodestaEmails (#PodestraEmails – sic) Coverage from the Trenches

So, the “Podesta Emails” are getting a lot of coverage at the moment. Why did John Podesta need to be "kept out of jail"? #PodestaEmails — (((Thomas Paine))) (@ThomasPaine5) October 10, 2016 Are they real?  Are they fake?  Only one way to know for sure… This exchange between @johnpodesta and @wikileaks is priceless #PodestaEmails — Almaz (@Almaz001) October 8, 2016 I was one of the journos that *wrongly*…


#PodestaEmails – Email ID 21978: “500 More Conflicts of Interest”

500 More Conflicts of Interest… Key Players John Podesta Doug Band Discussed William Jefferson Clinton Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Audit Defense/WJC Payments and Gifts In this e-mail, we can see it appears that Doug thinks he’s going to be set up to be a fall guy after some audit issues…or have some of his conflicts used as leverage against him – he quips “I could add 500 examples of things…


#PodestaEmails – Email ID 23706: “A Helpful and Supportive SuperPAC/Poll”

A Helpful and Supportive SuperPAC/Poll… Key Players John Podesta Jon Soltz Discussed Vet Voice Foundation In this e-mail, we see Jon Soltz of the Vet Voice Foundation (VVF) basically kissing John Podesta’s ass concerning a poll conducted by the Foundation, asking that it be used by the campaign. That’s not really notable, until you stop to consider this was November of 2015, and the VVF is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) organization…


Another Day, More #PodestaEmails (#PodestaEmails10) – []

You guessed it As always, there are more emails from John Podesta. @wikileaks Has part 10 been put out? Just noticed over 15k #PodestaEmails Part 9 only had 12+k, no? — Diane L Silverman (@DianeLSilverma2) October 17, 2016 From #PodestaEmails10, a mole within #ClintonFoundation, "Justin", reads everyone's e-mails, loads spyware on PCs. | — Jon Hall (@JonREGATED) October 17, 2016 BREAKING: Podesta Emails Part 10 just released!#PodestaEmails10…


Rumor has it that #PodestaEmails3 (#Podesta3) has Landed…[]

  So to clarify: the tweet that ended up getting disseminated by Joy Reid and David Frum was from a pro-Clinton troll spreading disinformation — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) October 11, 2016 Don’t forget our Leak 1/Leak 2 PodestaEmails Coverage Here: The #PodestaEmails (#PodestraEmails – sic) Coverage from the Trenches This is a neat little chatroom/messaging app – I am on there as akula51, stop in and say Hi. It’s…


Another Day, More (D) Corruption #PodestaEmails4 (#Podesta4/#Podesta5) is Here…[]

LOL #PodestaEmails4: Here are Hillary's own Muslim advisors, telling her that she's using Radical Jihadism incorrectly. — StandardRedneck Liz (@MissLizzyNJ) October 12, 2016 Don’t forget our Leak 1/Leak 2 PodestaEmails Coverage Here: The #PodestaEmails (#PodestraEmails – sic) Coverage from the Trenches Here’s a couple to get us started. Bill Clinton molested his third cousin babysitter in the governors mansion #PodestaEmails4 #Wikileaks — Ray Houstin (@RayHoustin) October 12,…

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