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October 11, 2016

Wow. WikiLeaks Bombshell: Emails Show Citigroup Had Major Role in Shaping and Staffing Obama’s First Term #GlassSteagall— Glass-Steagall (@howtodoit1) October 11, 2016 Talk about Fast And Furious…I mean – I know we will eventually…lol…but damn. Can’t keep up. At least the media will keep us grounded…lol Podesta/PodestaEmails Here’s both of our Podesta Email Posts. They’re pretty topical. Trump Tzu And this is a theory we have…


Vladimir Putin Has Already Won Our Election (XX Committee)

Proximity (Motivator)
August 15, 2016

It’s a real shit week for our friends on the #TrumpTrain. Adam Weinstein has implied that it’s not going to get much better. Speaking as someone who has a story coming this week: This is just the beginning for Manafort. It gets worse. — Adam Weinstein (@AdamWeinstein) August 15, 2016 And of course… So we have to check in with John Schindler for his take… The news keeps getting…