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QUDOSI: Testimony before Homeland Security Committee
Roundup: Testimony Before Homeland Security Committee

8/25/2016 FoxNews OpEd:

The creator of the burkini, Australian-Lebanese designer Aheda Zanetti, said the burkini was designed to give women more freedom. However, these freedoms are taken away from women through oppressive garments such as the burkini. We saw the same thing with hijabs. Hijabs were once an option and now the only Muslim women represented in the media are hijabis. In other words, what Muslim women are being told – and shamed with – is that if you’re not covered, you’re not Muslim or modest. It’s a soft form of slut-shaming that surprisingly few feminists have caught onto. One day it’s hijabistas and the next day it’s burkinis, but the message is the same: cover up.

The burkini is a new adaptation of that. Though unintended by the designer, the consequences are the same: if you’re not covered, you’re inappropriate. And that’s what the underbelly of Islamic culture does: it aims to control a woman’s space, whether it is in the mosque, in the bedroom, in the home, her body, or hervoice. It’s an abusive cultural conditioning.


8/17/2016 EXCLUSIVE: Meet One of the Most Radical Imams in America

EXCLUSIVE: Meet One of the Most Radical Imams in America

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Ms. Shireen Qudosi

Akula51.Net FTF#002 – Ms. Shireen Qudosi

Once more unto the breach, dear friends we go… I hope everyone enjoyed Mr. Ortel yesterday…:)  I knew there was some information he would be sharing on Wednesday that would be of particular import so I thought  it was a great opportunity to launch this series.  I hit on the dangers of “Contempt Prior to Investigation” yesterday, somewhat tongue-in-cheek – and I’ll now freely admit it was a set-up for…


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