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Leid Stories—The Clinton Foundation’s Billion-Dollar HIV/AIDS Boondoggle—08.17.16

Charles Ortel, a former Wall Street banker and investor who exposed General Electric’s massive fraud in 2007-2008 by proving that it had overvalued its stock by hundreds of billions of dollars, for several months has been deconstructing the highly irregular inner workings of the Clinton Foundation and related entities operating “charitable” programs all over the world.

But the foundation and its projects are in flagrant violation of U.S. and international law, Ortel says. While their stated purposes are philanthropic, he says, the foundation and its various offshoots appear to be an elaborate, multibillion-dollar slush fund for the Clintons, who have been able to run a renegade operation without tight oversight.

Continuing Leid Stories’ close look at the foundation and its various “charities,” Ortel today focuses on The Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, which it launched in 2009 in partnership with leading drug manufacturers “to improve treatment access for people with drug-resistant HIV in developing nations.”

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The Final Debate 2016 Coverage…[bit.ly/FinalDebate2016 – #debatenight]

So, evidently there’s a debate tonight.  Here’s our coverage from the last media #ShitCircus. FML, it has just dawned on me that I might have to watch the debate tonight. Sigh…#PodestaEmails #PodestaEmails12 #StrongerTogether pic.twitter.com/Kw8x8VJeoM — Rob McNeece (@akula_51) October 19, 2016 Vegas turned out for the festivities… Tonight in Vegas…#debatenight pic.twitter.com/0JkETTQbHn — End Times Alert (@endtimesalert) October 19, 2016 We have a message from our sponsor, Wikileaks, before the festivities…

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More recent updates from Mr. Charles Ortel (@charlesortel) – 10/5/16

Definitely a hot update concerning the NY AG today Don’t miss Charles later on today (1600-1700 EDT) on Fox Business Network. I will be on @FoxBusiness w the great @DavidAsmanfox in the 4-5 hour fyi discussing the major Foundation issues that NY AG refuses to hit — Charles Ortel (@CharlesOrtel) October 5, 2016 And of course, more hits from the recent past. Another @ClintonFdn fraud–the Clinton Centre at Enniskillen was dissolved…

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And that’s when Charles Ortel (@charlesortel) had this idea…lol

So, I had just finished cutting the grass.  Wifey and I are getting ready for a yard sale this weekend before we hit the road on our Americana Road Trip 2016.  It was a reasonably slow day after last night’s piece…lol If you click on each picture, it should come up full size on its own page.  That’s the one you should save…:) My friend Charles had seen some of…

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OK… Why are things accelerating? My left-field theory on the Trump “Strategy”

(Originally posted 10 August 2016, see bottom for updates…) OK, so a few days ago I had the thought… What if Trump set the whole Khan “fiasco” up? Now, I’m more convinced that ever, in fact.  Let me give the broad brushstrokes of that one and relate it all to my theory again… First…my actual theory is Trump knows or is gambling that he knows what is coming in the…

Mr. Charles K. Ortel

Akula51.Net FTF#001 – Mr. Charles K. Ortel

Hey there – I know some of y’all (on both sides of whatever aisle we’re talking about) are just getting exposed to my friend Charles K. Ortel. It’s a name you’re going to be hearing a lot of over the next three months (not just from me…lol). Watch the Daily Caller tomorrow morning…big news coming and time for we the People to FIRE ALL THE LIARS, in both parties —…


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