Night 06 – Halloween 2016 in Mulberry, Florida…#BigRoadTrip2016 Exclusive

Debbie's Horses, Mulberry FL, #BigRoadTrip2016
November 6, 2016

More Florida Fun After a few nights with my folks in Jacksonville, we headed Southwest towards Tampa.  Meri Jane’s god-daughter Tiffany (and her mom Debbie) live in a charming little area South of Lakeland called Mulberry.  Debbie’s husband Tony has an auto repair shop, Debbie runs a delightful new pottery studio called Muddy Hands in the center of town (more on that including a ton of pix tomorrow…:). MJ was…


Truck Show 2 Photo Post #3 of ???

Building the Slab
July 29, 2013

I’ve got more pictures rolling in from Truck Show 2, which was held at the Native Village in Hollywood Florida on July 27. 2013. Related articles Gator Boys Exhibition at Truck Show 2 (Native Village) ( TRUCK SHOW 2 AT THE NATIVE VILLAGE IN HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA! (Photos #2) ( Man attacked by alligator during show (


Gator Boys Exhibition at Truck Show 2 (Native Village)

July 28, 2013

We were out at the Native Village in Hollywood Florida for Truck Show 2 yesterday and had the pleasure of seeing an alligator wrestling exhibition from and hanging out with the guys from Gator Boys, which evidently is some sort of TV program. IDK, everything is non-stop awesome at the Native Village including MedVape. I can’t wait for the next Truck Show! Related articles Trainer Puts His Head In Crocodile’s…


Find of the Day – 13 July – Native Village (of Hollywood, FL)

I made a new friend on the 4th of July… My wife and I had the luck to go help out our friend Johnny open his new business (Med-Vape), which is located at the Native Village in Hollywood Florida. This facility, on the Seminole Reservation, is a super-cool place for folks to have special events, or a super-close spot to bring the family for an afternoon away (it’s the Everglades,…

July 13, 2013