Hanging out at the #Liberty #AllClassReunion #KCMO – Made a New Friend!

September 16, 2017

51 Sighting! I’m not sure what kind of bird this even is, but wow…it was a real fight of self-will to keep this from fitting perfectly in MJ’s truck…lol Somehow I contained my excitement and was able to let ol’ #51 hang out and be used at the next reunion. We’ll see if my self-control gets the best of me again next time…:) We also have a lot of history…


A Cute Little Story About #Leadership (h/t @RockRunBrewery) #Liberty #KCMO

Time spent at Rock and Run Brewery
September 9, 2017

What a Beautiful Day! It was awesome to help my friend Chris Harris out today and get some pictures of his Walking Tour of Downtown Liberty (presented by the City of Liberty – Jeanine Thill, Community Development Manager).  I am still processing the film (cough) but should have some pictures out of that event soon on my wife’s website, Virtually Liberty.  I was able to throw together a quick GIF…