Senator Mike Lee Challenged Us Conservatives Today…(8/13/2014)

#NeverTrump #NeverHillary #Inclusive #Conservative
July 31, 2016

Originally published 8/13/2014 Hey, conservatives. We need an agenda, we need a message, we need it to be an inclusive and positive one. We know that we’re competing against a Big Government that wants not to downsize itself – and against a media that has an agenda and pulpit of their own. We need to fix a broken Government. We need reform in so many places and areas. Senator Mike…


Show of hands, fellow vapers…Who else is just fed up with our Government?

Books, A Brick In The Wall, and a Box Mod
July 30, 2016

Background…(why not?) I started chewing tobacco (well, more precisely “dipping snuff”) pretty early in life.  I admit, at times I can be something of an “early adopter”, generally at precisely the wrong times…lol.  Bill Gates missed the whole “internet” thingy when it was in its infancy…the CIA missed that “Berlin Wall” thingy when it started toppling…I’m not sure whether Ms. Youree Dell Harris missed the date and time of her tragic passing…


Whew – I think I finally “got my voice back”…haha

Chloe Star and Nacho
July 12, 2016

For most this will probably be “tl;dr” (don’t worry, it’s defined later), but hey…I’m a writer so I’m just going to start writing. When I left my job in early May, my bp was around 215/145 or so. Some days it was a little higher.  I was really lucky that it was a few points under “you’re going to the ER and getting admitted NOW” territory when I finally linked…