My Favorite New 18650 Batteries for 2015-2017 – The LG HG2 (and Why)

The LG HG2, my 2015 20A 18650 Battery of Choice
October 20, 2015

Simply The 20A Battery of Choice My Requirements for 18650 Vaping Batteries It’s no secret that even now, I’m (already) something of a vaping dinosaur, preferring to vape unregulated 18650 boxmods (and occasionally 18650 tube mods) over all of these newer, sexier regulated vaping devices.  I work from home, so have pretty open and unfettered access to my chargers and all of my 18650s all day long.  I tend to…


My 20A 18650 Workhorse – The LG HE2 (and its cousin the HE4)

LG HE2 18650 Battery
August 30, 2015

Originally published August 30, 2015 – much of this is still true today.  Some of these HE2s are still going strong.  Everything new is an HG2 as I mention in the closing…lol I have quite a few LG HE2s…disclaimer: I sell sold battery rewraps, so none of them look like HE2s anymore…lol I also have quite a few HE2s that I bought with other manufacturer wraps on them that perform amazingly…


Some thoughts on 18650 Batteries for Vaping…

August 27, 2015

There’s a lot of information out there in the vapesphere about 18650 batteries.  Some of it’s good, some of it is great – some of it is honestly downright useless.  We measure these batteries three different ways – continuous amp draw capabilities (i.e., “20A” or 20 amps), battery capacity (measured in milli-Amp hours, or mAh), and cost.  In general, you can have one or the other between A and mAh…


My friends in the Vape Gear Community

I’ve ordered vaping stuff from several folks at this point (and am planning on ordering from quite a few more since they have been spoken of so highly by my friends).  At this point, I am sub-ohming with mechanical mods, using both RDAs and RTAs. I have my first unregulated box on the way, and also have a little 20W regulated box on the way for my wife who has recently quit smoking. This…

March 9, 2015