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The inspiration…oh, so many years ago.
FW: FoxNews.com story on akula51's Attack Strategy on the Two-Party Paradigm
███████rmoR@dnc.org  To: Paustenba███████████████████andaL@dnc.org  Date: 2016-05-16 19:14  
Subject: FW: FoxNews.com story on akula51's Attack Strategy on the Two-Party Paradigm

The asshole from akula51 emailed us again.

I did some research and there’s still no “fuck you” emoji, unfortunately.

We did swipe part of their FAQ.  It fu████g sounds like fucki████ibberish.

What are we going to do about that cocksucker?





The official FAQ for akula51 and the kazati design bureau (8/1/2016) .

01. Hey there…
02. Yes, it’s Russian for ‘shark’. The other thing (accidentally) we have been told is Ukrainian for ‘to speak’
05. Yes, that would make it “designs that speak for you”.
06. 51 was my football number and has generally been pretty lucky.
04. Mid-40s.
06. I’m a happily married former healthcare IT guy
09. I live in a town named Liberty now, and just saying that kicks a lot of ass…lol
14. Thank you for asking – We specialize in maximizing your investment in web, design, and asymmetric social media engagement, relationships, and reputation.
We prefer insurgency to operations and maintenance.
15. The smaller the customer, the bigger the passion – the better.
16a. No matter the size of your network and your reach, we can and will make it better.
19. We are currently implementing complete external social networks for small organizations and groups that need a secure outpost in the digital maelstrom.
22. We are actively moving all of our operations off of the “major” networks, while retaining the ability to saturate them with focused and targeted content that delivers results, opens eyes, and changes the world.
23. Take a look around and have some fun.
25. We certainly are.
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Marco Island, Florida, 11/2005
Marco Island, Florida, 11/2005


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  1. Nice info. I really like the wraps on the 186550 batteries in your latest series post. Are you custom making them?

  2. Concur with the last paragraph here 100%! Thanks for following ‘The Savvy Senorita’, I appreciate it. Bex

  3. Hey there…much in common. Lets connect? I have some questions for you.

    1. Absolutely… I just followed your blog and look forward to connecting. I was in a plane most of the afternoon, just landed in Detroit. I should be off and on all evening… facebook.com/akula51 or twitter.com/akula_51

      Have a wonderful evening!

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