A Cute Little Story About #Leadership (h/t @RockRunBrewery) #Liberty #KCMO

What a Beautiful Day!

It was awesome to help my friend Chris Harris out today and get some pictures of his Walking Tour of Downtown Liberty (presented by the City of LibertyJeanine Thill, Community Development Manager).  I am still processing the film (cough) but should have some pictures out of that event soon on my wife’s website, Virtually Liberty.  I was able to throw together a quick GIF file.

It was really a hot one out there…

So I did what people (like me) in Liberty do, I headed to the Corner Bar.  They are Liberty’s oldest known continually run tavern.  Great spot to call “home base” since the police are across the street (literally).  I’ve always felt safe there (I’ve only been here for four years or so, mind you).  I was early (not quite open) and so headed across a second street and found myself at Rock and Run (also early – but those folks were very cool, allowing me in to grab a Diet Coke).

Time spent at Rock and Run BreweryI love the frenetic activity of a bar before it opens – I’ve spent a lot of time in and around the industry during my 47-year journey around the world.  Everyone is prepping for game time.  Putting on the last touches of work on the masterpiece to come – just a place for folks to come, hang out, share meals, and consume a little homebrew – what a perfect metaphor for life.  Or something…

Usually any “bad blood” between the various castes in a functional service establishment are worn on sleeves of legions of prospective actor slash models masquerading as “industry folk”.  The ones that say “Drama?  I hate drama,” usually in between two stories about how they had been the initiator of two more Fail + AIDS dramafests.  None of that seems to happen at a family place like Rock and Run.  We had no issues taking our teenaged son (maybe even preto Hooters.  He now as a young adult credits it as an important phase in his growth into a young adult that actually respects women.  If you have a few beers and want your 14-year old to respect the process and the role alcohol has played within our development as a species (we always seemed to get around to brewing beer wherever we wound up) – what better place than a transparent establishment like Rock and Run.  If you can learn why women in makeup and shorts with tight T-shirts isn’t actually exploitation at Hooters, I can’t think of a better place to learn about the art of Zymurgy and why the Tenth Amendment lets all of us brew again.  Etc.

It was just the quiet calm before the storm today at Rock and Run.  Great environment.  Music the right volume, smiles on faces – and this blue flash of lightning zipping back and forth making those final checks before “the cameras went live”.  Families coming in and out, oblivious to the massive vats of fermenting wort standing tall in the other room.  Just a great day to be in a brewpub – as they pretty much all are to me.  Flash…there it went again.  Whew.

Eventually the establishment posted the board of fare, considered itself open for service, and raised the flaps on the patio.  I bolted like Flash Gordon (who I later learned was named Zach).  I knew where i wanted to be – the ultimate “See and Be Seen Spot” – right by the door at Rock and Run.  #Winning

I drop the camera bag, empty the pockets, setting up a small tribute to the OK Corral since my wife was still on the tour and had not yet shown up.  I was grabbing two seats and that was that.  And the right two seats at that.  #NailedIt

Oh yeah – this really is about leadership.


That’s when I noticed someone pull the blue shirt guy to the side and whisper something to the effect of  “I think a child may have stepped in some dog poo and now it’s on the sidewalk right in front of our door.”

WTF?  Literally in front of the door.  Stinky stinky dog poo.  Ground in.  Martha Stewart has no solution for this one (Snoop Dogg could have helped with the odor, sure).  This is just “crossing the streams in Original Ghostbusters” bad.  Most of the Team Leaders and Managers I know would have rapidly and effectively dispatched the misdirected excretion by deploying the proper and correct people.  They would have marshalled their resources, rolled up their sleeves and directed people until the problem until it was solved.  Win.

Blue shirt man?

Nope.  A few seconds later (maybe it was a minute or two, I was a little delirious from all that Sun) I saw this…

Time spent at Rock and Run Brewery

I was going to throw a couple bucks for the Diet Coke but decided I needed a T-shirt too after seeing this problem so rapidly dispatched.

That’s why this is about Leadership, btw – I later asked the bartender what Zach did there at the restaurant.

Gee Emm.  GM.  General Manager.


Time spent at Rock and Run Brewery
Tap Dancing – Life Skills for Leaders

As a Zymurgist and Homebrewer, they’re certainly my favorite brewery in the area…lol  If you haven’t stopped in yet, check these folks out.

Clean, and a potential educational experience about beer or anything else to boot…  Liberty.


P.S. Grab a cool T-shirt here: