What cool stuff did you find today?

The Pleasant Valley

I had to get out of the house for a little while this morning so did a little wandering.  First, I stumbled onto my new barber (I should say stylist).  On the way to the 35 Freeway here in Liberty, you have to pass through a nice little community known as Pleasant Valley.  This section of road has been torn up for a while – I always wanted to stop in and say hi to folks there, but the random traffic patterns have made it problematic.

Now that the roadwork has settled down a little, it’s much easier to get into these businesses – either off of Liberty Highway or 35 Freeway (which is closer to parts of the “KC Beltway”, i.e., Interstate 435).

Enter Gemini V

I found a great family-owned salon today.  Several generations of family still working together and making things happen – very cool stuff.

Then I had lunch – but that’s for later…:)