What a Beautiful Day in America (#ArchiveEverything) #Liberty #CornerBar

I have to let everyone in on a little secret. Come closer to your monitor, please.  I need to whisper.  Oh shit.  Wait.  Never mind – you’re probably on your phone…lol

I always forget I need to speak your language – I am still learning how to express myself.  Let’s do a video instead and then some pictures.

The secret is contained within the below gallery.

My wife and I collaborate.  My wife and I are soulmates. She’s one of my anchors.  She is an historian.

Like my friend John.

Oh – I’m an artist.  Cuz I do art and stuff.  Public domain art.  Fun stuff.  Always.  #WhiteHatBlackFlag

You would be amazed at what is in the backgrounds of some of the world’s greatest historical photographs.

I have a great example tomorrow.  My attorney no less.

Friendly neighborhood lawyer. LHS class of 1965.

Guess who is in the reflection?

Why not?
I will teach you how. Then we will all do it. And own it.

My wife and I like history.  Researching.  Watching.  Lurking.

Just hanging around as part of the 90%.  That’s us.

So you thought (to be continued).

#ArchiveEverything  – go search for this.  Then archive that.  LOL.