Information Security is funny. #ArchiveEverything

Hey there.

I’m listening to some Offspring tonight. You have to meet noodles sometime.

These guys have always spoken to me directly through their music…lol. They don’t even realize it.

Or they do – who knows…haha. I have a little blog. You’re here. It’s just my scratchpad. I make blog posts. I’m a blogger I guess, in this context. Pleased to meet me.

#ArchiveEverythingThe forces of chaos are always lurking, friends. Please browse safely. All of the tools you have – every single weapon at your disposal…every firewall, every toolkit, every API, every whatever…can all be overcome by chaos.

I have a lot of faith in the lock on my front door. Kwikset or something.  Most Americans do (I’ve been a few places, not everywhere but it seems pretty consistent).  We all seem to tell the same joke.

#AltRight #AltLeftThat lock is only there to keep honest people out.

I’m not the one that said that, it’s been said for years.

Think cheerful thoughts, God’s on your side! #ArchiveEverything

#WhiteHatBlackFlagP.S. These screenshots are metrics data from – real data. My website is public, as am I. Information is public, and I have no problem doxing myself as is now obvious.

There will be many of these posts. I’m not as good as the Jester at this, but I make good screenshots.


P.S.  Information Security isn’t funny.  I’ll explain the gag you probably fell for later.