I was trying to figure this thing out…lol #TheSituation

I suggest everyone do the same.

Hit everything you can possibly think of. You will find things as you go that people have just done – that’s ok. Skip those.

I figured out nothings getting solved tonight.  But we better get a copy of everything.

We should probably do this all the time but after we get the baseline snapshot, we can talk about that…hahahaha.

This tweetstorm figures into this – check it out if you have twitter.  That story I’m going to publish soon over on RussiaRevealed.Info – my friend Chris Nethery’s blog.  Amazing character.  Genuine person.  Nice guy.  Much more to come on him.

Few days ago? Few months ago? Few years ago? First time ever?

In certain circumstances – I’d even say for some webpages – if it was a few hours ago, I’d click the button.  Search.  Then save.

Let’s try to get a snapshot of this point in time.  And keep doing it for a little while.  Whenever we have a few seconds.  Just archive everything.  Using free services.  If there’s a better one, tell me.  If there are other places to use as well – tell US.

Just paste a website in the top box. Public information is free, right? That means we all own it if it’s public.

So “archive your information”. Think of anything that may be associated with “TheSituation”.

You know, the 400 pound elefant in the room.

Whatever that 400 pound elephant currently is for you – if it’s me if it’s you if it’s Trump if it’s Flynn if it’s the Turks if it’s Putin if it’s Dugin if it’s ET if it’s nothing – there’s a reason to archive a bunch of websites and a bunch of facebook accounts and a bunch of twitter accounts and a bunch of instagram accounts and….who cares the reason.  The real reason is because

Sites like this one are free.

Because information is free.

And you can be too.


Oh.  Time is of the essence.

This isn’t the only archive service.  Let’s use them all.  About everything.  As soon as possible.

Wouldn’t that be cool?  To have a big database of a bunch of stuff online right now.  That we all can use.

Open Source.  Built by the world.  Using commercial, off-the-shelf technology. (COTS)

It will only cost each of us a little time.  Pick a site.  Archive it.  Smile.

Together we are legion.

I love Mass Effect references.  Don’t you?

You helped.