Bend over, here come my thoughts about #GoogleManifesto

OMG, OMG, OMG – Did you hear about this one….????

So, uh…to be honest, my main opinion about all of this Google Mainfesto mumbo-jumbo is “make sure you’re reading the correct memo…”

I have seen so many folks lay out arguments that were ruthlessly and unmercilessly slaughtered since they made the mistake (yet again) of basing their opinions on what the mainstream media had published.  I know, I know.  People shouldn’t believe everything they read.  This has been a theme here since we launched, whenever that was…haha

Oh yeah – I know I’m pretty sure I’d never want to work at whatever disconnected reality they’ve invented for themselves out there in Mountain View.  No, thanks…lol

Someday, people will learn (probably not)

Meanwhile, the rest of the internet is going on with life as usual – but all of this men and women stuff is all out there now in ALL CAPS and bold, and (some) folks online certainly aren’t afraid to express their opinions.  Life comes at you fast, and sometimes you just happen to look over at another monitor at the wrong moment…lol.

That happened yesterday and I was confronted with this gem on Twitter from fam over on /pol/:

What in the name of…

Let’s review what some of my peers in the software development industry over these last decades really were, shall we?  According, at least to ElizabethTheWitch over on Reddit.  Oh, yeah.  This describes me according to her as well…chuckle.

  • Thirsty kissless old virgins
  • pasty-white, socially inept, inexperienced neckbeards
  • toxic (from a personality standpoint)
  • social outcasts
  • people with zero social skills

Fuck it.  I’m not even done with the third sentence of the second paragraph, folks.  It goes on for a while, in a typical childish, nurtured in a Ben Rhodes-style echo chamber fashion.  Completely out-of-touch with reality is kind.  I’ve learned leadership, marketing, management, product management, product management and a ton of other things in the industry from quite a few men (of course, some women too).

Guess what.  Guys like she describes don’t make it.  It’s probably because they never existed to begin with.  They were all a concept in someone else’s mind.

Or, if they are there (I’m sure there’s an exception to every rule, or workplaces that skew their hiring to certain demographics), they were made to be that way.

My friend Kel over on the Twitter gizmo accurately nailed one out of the ballpark that also matches my 25+ years of experience in and around the bowels of the SDLC.  That’s software development life cycle for those outside the meatgrinder.

Well, I had to confirm…

Today folks have had a lot of fun with those.  This whole deal, plus the Google Manifesto and the inflammatory reporting concerning it – which is actually what spawned a lot of this masturbatory hate – really stuck with me though.  I mean – I have literally been involved with the SDLC (in a serious, paying all my bills fashion) since 198something.  It’s been that long.  I’ve seen a lot happen – most of it bad…some of it good.  All of it lucrative.  Lots of people feeding their kids and keeping the lights on.  Buying new cars.  Solving problems and creating solutions for tough problems out there.  This person really works on the same planet, much less in the same industry?

But how did we ever even get to this place?

It just doesn’t make much sense.  I’ve worked around men and women my whole career (and they did all kinds of stuff with their sex parts, sometimes with people that had the same sex parts even – wow).  I wish I had worked around animals every once in a while – but let’s face it…dogs just don’t need a whole lot of software.  I digress.

I just had to summarize how I really felt about all of it, so I tried to do it with a few more tweets.

I’m certainly not here to tell you what to do, so I’m just going to try to help a friend whenever I can and maybe we’ll all start heading in the same direction by accident…:)

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