Everyone has their favorite #CNNBlackmail Themed Memes, here are some of mine!

Last night was something else

At some point, /pol/ declared war.

Things quickly escalated.  There are some really creative folks out there, and a few other with purely too much free time…lol

Here is some of that art

Oh wait – did I mention that REAL ALEX JONES is running a contest over at infowars.com – that’s right $20,000 to the best meme.



There was really some great stuff out there today.






Say what one more time…lol







Definitely a classic here…


 Of course, not everything was a video…






Now – get this – this topic *wasn’t* trending today…

I wonder why Tweetdeck looked like this all day – and honestly still pretty much does now…lol

When it comes to lacing up the golf cleats and jumping up and down on one’s Johnson – CNN has taken the cake. Let us know your favorites below…:)

We’ll be back soon with more – this is just Day 1…:)