Worth Checking Out This July 4 – The Federalist Party

Is it time to drop my “Independent” status?

One of the most exciting developments I’ve stumbled across recently is a serious grassroots effort – not aligned with either major political party here in America – to call for reigning in our out-of-control and ever-expanding Federal Government.  I’m a firm believer in the US Constitution, but I’m also a believer in humans generally exhibiting what is known as “human nature”.  We meat popsicles aren’t all bad people, but there are always a few it seems in every group.  Those folks are looking to gain some sort of advantage over their fellows – financial, spiritual, moral, legal…you name it.  Inevitably – and many times through unintended consequences, the result is corruption.  No Government run by humans can ever be truly free of the human being’s inherent ability to be corrupted.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

Thomas Jefferson

That being said, I’ve always been a believer that this nation was founded as an experiment in SELF-Government, not rule by elites from afar.  On this July 4, it certainly seems ironic to be celebrating our revolution from rule by England, yet we’ve just exchanged it for rule by DC.  Regardless of which party is “in control”, it always seems like the answer to every problem facing America is a new piece of legislation.  These in turn lead to more regulations, more red tape, more controversies over policies made by a Government that shouldn’t have ever been involved with XYZ to begin with.  The leviathan just keeps marching on, fed by a healthy diet of tax dollars.

Wait – is Federalism the answer if you’re angry with the Federal Government?

Aha, this was my first thought as well.  So much of our history has been distorted through the generations – republicans becoming democrats and democrats becoming republicans and liberalism becoming progressivism and yadda yadda, ad infinitem.  My main exposure to the word federalism was of course back in AP Government and that was a couple months ago…lol  I’ve always known that the purpose of the entire US Constitution is to define what Government can and can’t do (not what the people can and can’t do…lol)…and I’ve certainly been a fan of the Tenth Amendment which can be jokingly paraphrased as “yeah – if it’s not explicitly in here, it’s either on the States or on YOU, citizens”.

Aha.  States and the Federal Government sharing power – that’s Federalism.  Yeah, ok, so maybe I am a Federalist already…lol.  Hmmm…

Sounds Obvious.  We need a party for this?

Well, our current form of Government is certainly rooted in Federalism – but the balance of powers have shifted over time, and certainly seem to be accelerating.  The one thing I know for certain is it will never be in the Republican nor Democratic Partys’ interests to change the current system – it’s simply much too lucrative for them in its current form.  So there has to be an answer from somewhere else.

When we first set forth to build this party, we did so based upon two premises:

  1. There is an unquestionable need to rein in power in DC and give much of it back to where it was originally intended: state (and local) governments and in the hands of individual Americans.
  2. No party is willing (Republican, Democrat, and other big-government parties) or able (Libertarian, Constitution, and other small-government parties) to return the power that DC has accumulated over the decades.

To build this party, it’s imperative that we bring an understanding back to the American people that government is not the solution. For many years, there has been a steady indoctrination of millions of Americans. This indoctrination has had one effect: convincing Americans that they need government to intervene. It’s happening in schools, through the media, and by the words and actions of our representatives in DC. Whether or not it’s coordinated is up for debate, but the results have been very clear. Fewer people are asking what they can do to improve their own situations. More people are demanding that government and other institutions do the improving for them.

I’m certainly familiar with “oh no, we need a new law” as the general reaction every time there’s any sort of tragedy these days.  Often these knee-jerk reactions start based on media misrepresentations and are wholly distorted by special interests and outside forces.  Months later, when all is forgotten, no new law is passed – or worse, one is passed but of course goes off in the wrong direction.  The problem is this wholly incorrect assumption that our Federal Government needs to get involved every single time something good or bad happens here.

“A government big enough to supply you with everything you need is a government big enough to take away everything that you have…. The course of history shows that as the government grows, liberty decreases.”

Thomas Jefferson

That was never the intent of our Founders – they would have written a much longer document and explicitly defined all of these powers for the Government to control as many aspects of the citizen’s life right there in it.  Marriage would have been defined.  All sorts of things would have been explicitly defined.  These guys had no internet to distract them, and they really did love to sit around drinking beer and wine (the water might kill you) talking about this stuff.  They would not have made serious (now described potentially as) “accidental” errors of omission like that…lol The commerce clause would have been an entire appendix, not a few words that have been grossly misinterpreted throughout generations.

Of course, a document like that never would have been ratified, and we’d probably all still be drinking English Tea.  No, thanks.

We had the correct vision.  It’s all laid out therein the Declaration and in the US Constitution.  We just need to quit electing folks that don’t follow it.

The Federalist Party

This could be an answer.  I’m certainly going to find out more about these folks…:)

Site:  http://thefederalistparty.org/

Keeping our representatives beholden to those they represent

To those who want to fix the GOP from within…

Stage 2: State Federalist Parties

Happy Birthday, America!