UPDATED: Fake News, Some CNN Examples… (A List I Found)

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I’ve been beating a certain drum for years now – the drum that says the media and our politicians are inextricably linked and collude daily to increase the size and scope of our “grand experiment in self-Government”. There are a lot of folks who certainly over the years have picked up on the fact that many major figures in the media (and the corporations that pay them) have a definite bias towards what we collectively refer to here as “the Left”. What started out as vague allegations of bias have certainly over the last few years become the norm – it is undeniable now that these organizations serve to push their (corporate) agendas. Whether it is looking the other way when their favored party commits an egregious act, or attacking without mercy when the unfavored party transgresses, these media corporations just keep right on doing what they do.

So what?

Folks like James O’Keefe and Project Veritas keep pointing this bias and attitude out, and the media naturally keeps acting as if someone’s accused them of hiding Hitler in their basement. Every argument over fake news generally degenerates to the point of “well, show me a list”, followed by someone sticking their fingers in their ears and refusing to believe that their beloved Fox, MSNBC, or CNN has been literally lying (or maybe just distorting the truth a little, and leaving out a detail when absolutely necessary to preserve their narrative). For those of us who watched the media’s behavior during the “scandal-free” (puke) Obama years, it’s just accepted as fact. Making a list of things like this takes a lot of time, and a lot of folks have just become so accustomed to the lies that they’ve tuned out these sources of “news” altogether.

I Found a Fake News List!

And without further ado, here is “The List”, courtesy of Reddit User Vicious43. I’m going to be reformatting each of the links as I validate them today and tomorrow so that everything is captured here on akula51.net as well.  There will be a post for each media outlet found in the original.

General Media – CNN

CNN fakes interview and interviews own cameraman

CNN and NYT writers spread a fake story about russia hacking the electric grid, even going so far as to demand response from Obama

CNN Claims missing Airplane Disappear into Black hole

CNN fakes being at sandy hook; green screen screw up

CNN fakes being in Middle east during gulf war

CNN lies: says illegal immigration isn’t illegal

The real deal (according to the law):

Source:  Cornell Law Legal Information Institute

CNN gives Clinton debate questions

CNN fakes story to make BLM look good, selectively edits out call to violence

CNN fakes satellite feed when two reporters are in the same parking lot

Ebaumsworld – The Daily Show Calls Out CNN

Hospital CEO Wins Major Court Victory After CNN fakes Statistics

Hospital CEO Wins Major Court Victory After Accusing CNN of False Reporting

Another story: Clash Daily: Federal Judge Finds CNN Guilty of Pushing Fake News not Satire

CNN Fakes racist pepe image

CNN Green screen fail, pretends to be on a boat

CNN fakes popularity numbers

CNN Media Manipulation

CNN Fakes Crowd Sizes

CNN Lying About Use of a Song?

CNN and others faking and manipulating words for narrative

CNN lies about who signed NAFTA


Strangely Timed Feed Cuts – CNN

CNN cutting mic for saying Jesus

CNN Cuts mic when Trump calls out their lies

CNN cuts feed when Wikileaks is mentioned

CNN Cuts Feed on Trump During Obamacare Victims Meeting

CNN Cuts Bernie Sanders’ mic when he calls them “fake news”

CNN Cuts Feed when FBI statistics on refugee terrorism mentioned


Here’s the source of this list, from Reddit

I am going to be validating some of these today just to ensure this is a good set of unbiased data. In the meantime, here’s the source of what needs to become an objective cataloging of these incidents.