June’s Big Hits on Reddit (so far, a test)

Hey there!

Welcome back.

We’re upgrading a few features here at akula51.net today, mainly integration with some of our other efforts on other platforms.

That being said, there’s been a lot of activity on Reddit lately over in the r/The_Donald sub. Here are some of the very highly upvoted things I’ve submitted recently (linked to comments).

As much as America in (MSM) theory despises the guy, he sure is good for some internet traffic…lol  This is all very easy stuff to put together, a lot of it happens while I’m still asleep since President Trump likes to tweet early in the morning.  A month or two ago I was wondering how I’d ever get over 3000 karma on Reddit.  Now I routinely drop a post in that exceeds that at least once if not twice a day…haha.  Good times…:)