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Whew – it’s been a while since I’ve done any writing here.  We’ve had a sudden and very significant influx of subscribers to akula51.net which is a very neat and most appreciated thing, but who knows where y’all are coming from…lol.  I haven’t been publicizing this site much, but I have been generating a lot of reddit karma lately, so if that’s where everyone is from, welcome!

Well, welcome wherever you’re from!  🙂

We live in some truly interesting and chaotic times.  Truth tellers keep spinning lies, liars evade truths, and corporations are still pushing their agendas.  It’s hard to know what to believe when trusted sources of news like BBC pull stuff like this:

In the era of egregious headlines, this one should win some serious awards.  Talk about a complete 180 degree turn.

I’m here in the USA, and of course most of the world has some insight into the continuing (mostly political) chaos in our country.  The lenses that folks are using to observe events in our country are unfortunately distorted like BBC’s was above.  I would guess that the average European’s opinions about America are largely shaped by the information that they’re exposed to – obviously for most folks that means a sprinkling of information from CNN and other International organizations.

That’s a set-up for a plethora of false and misleading impressions, alas

These big media corporations who literally control the spickets that drip information to most normal folks have seemingly all but abandoned journalistic integrity.  There are a ton of smaller news organizations that thankfully lean in both directions, but consuming content from these sources shifts the burden of fact checking and the responsibility of vetting the information is pushed onto the reader (whether they understand this or not).  It was assumed for generations that one could rely on The Washington Post and New York Times and other “big names” by many people – this is potentially proving to have been a mistaken impression all along.

I grew up in close proximity to the DC Beltway during the Reagan years, I’ve always known the Post as “Pravda on the Potomac”, tbh.  I was calling the NY Times out for collusion during McCain’s campaign, much less Romney’s or during our most recent election.  This was an image that went with one of those posts several years ago…lol

There are a bunch of the “larger” media conglomerates on the left and only a few who lean to the right – neither side can objectively state that they are free of this – this criticism is certainly directed to all of them.  When “the right” actively controls all three branches of Government (and significantly more State legislatures and Governors’ officers than “the left”), it’s a recipe for chaos when the Fourth Estate is primarily comprised of “the left” and represents their viewpoints.

I have been mainly observing things lately and haven’t been all that active in providing commentary on current events here.  I have left Facebook all but completely (this site and my reddit account still publish there, but honestly I don’t follow up on much).  I’m still very active on Twitter (the lists I spent years curating still pay amazing dividends in times of crisis) and a voracious consumer and adept filterer of news.  I’ll be trying to find things that slide under everyone’s radar and providing my take on those things as time marches on.

Anyhow, welcome again to all the newcomers!  Nice to see ya to everyone who’s been here a while…:)

Let’s go figure some shit out, shall we?


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