Whew…#BigRoadTrip2016 Day 17 – Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum #CO #Photography #Aviation

Uh…where did Rob go?

I have been a little out of it for a few days and am quite a bit behind in posting…my apologies.  After 4000 miles in two weeks, we’re certainly happy this is the less driving-intensive half of the #BigRoadTrip2016.  I had some sort of back spasm that had me laid out for a few days, but the Doctors at the urgent care we hit here in Pueblo sorted things out for me and I feel a lot better now.

So, expect a ton of posts – because neither MJ nor I have set the cameras down much…haha

So Much Catchup…and So Many More Things to See

We found an awesome KOA campground which includes a nice fenced in area for the puppies (part of our campsite, not “common area”) – there’s going to be a whole post coming up on this place, don’t worry.  Today we picked a great local attraction here in Pueblo, Colorado.  We saw the South Dakota Air and Space Museum on BigRoadTrip2014, so it was nice to get back to a very similar attraction this time around on BigRoadTrip2016.

Today’s Menu

Pueblo is home to the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum (PWAM), located near the Pueblo Memorial Airport, just East of the city.

Colorado’s best static aircraft display with Over 35 aircraft inside and outside our 2 hangar museum buildings.
Click to download Museum brochure:”Download PWAM Brochure

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum - 11/11/2016 #BigRoadTrip2016

What a great way to spend Veterans’ Day 2016.  We picked something today that was “inside” since the weather was going to be on the colder side (sic) and supposedly the worst that we’d see between now and early next week.  If this is as bad as it gets…whew, it’s all pretty awesome from here.

The museum has a very modest adult entry fee of $9.  It features two hangars full of aircraft from every era of aviation, a gift shop and snack bar.  They have all sorts of patches, models, T-shirts, and other memorabilia.

The museum has well over 35 aircraft – many restored to pristine condition – on display, plus quite a few ground support vehicles.  Both hangars are chock full of aviation memories – bombs, missiles, rockets, uniforms, models, history and volunteers – you name it.  Plus, you can help the museum and actually support individual restoration efforts directly which is really cool.

Donate!  Find Sponsors!  Volunteer!

One of the centerpieces of the museum is a beautiful B-29 Stratofortress known as “Peachy”.  What an amazing machine.


Hangar One

There are a whole lot of incredible aircraft at PWAM. It is worth a morning or afternoon of your time for sure.

Doolittle’s Raid

On our way to the second hangar, we ran into Gene Vaerewyck, a PWAM volunteer who was getting ready to speak to a group of middle school kids.  He’s currently serving as the on-call expert on Colonel Jimmy Doolittle‘s Tokyo Raid in early 1942.

One of my Office Prints - Doolittle's Raid
One of my Office Prints – Doolittle’s Raid

After December 7th 1941, our morale needed a shot in the arm – and Tojo needed to know we were coming.  In true American “WTF?  hold my beer…” fashion, we loaded some Army Air Corps medium bombers (later to become the “Air Force”, of course) on a Navy aircraft carrier and “one-wayed” them on a raid across Japan.

Gene the Volunteer

Gene certainly knew his stuff and had plenty of stories.  Nothing but great, nice folks at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum…:)

After a nice chat with Gene, we headed outside, bound for Hangar Two.

Outdoor Exhibits

There are planes everywhere at PWAM…lol.  Plus, an impressive collection of ground support vehicles as well.

Models Galore!

One thing I really enjoyed was the plethora of finely detailed and expertly weathered plastic models on display.  There were quite a few, and not just aviation-related.  Very cool stuff.

Hangar Two

Hangar Two was dubbed the “Space Exhibit”, and there was definitely a lot of space devoted to NASA and their spacecraft, including some test aircraft and of course some of the Space Shuttle missions.

It was some awesome time very well spent – and just one more example of how you can find really reasonably priced things to do all over America.  We hope you’re enjoying our vacation along with us and I look forward to getting a little closer to “caught up” in the morning…:)  I’m at least 10 posts behind but don’t worry, they’re coming!

See you soon!