Jacksonville, FL…#BigRoadTrip2016 Days Five and Six [Parents and Beach]

My new Friend, a Tree - #BigRoadTrip2016
My new Friend, a Tree – #BigRoadTrip2016

Wow, we finally made Jacksonville…lol.

If you missed the drive yesterday – there were some great pix as always…:)


It dawned on us that instead of sitting there and running the generator, we can actually attach to peoples’ houses and suck their power like a vampire on wheels.  That’s really cool stuff.  This RV lifestyle is pretty bad ass…lol  This was our first “major destination” – my parents who live near Jacksonville.


They live in a nice gated community with a golf course intertwined in between Jacksonville and the Atlantic Ocean.  Dad’s retired a few times over (US Army Officer and then from GTE and kinda again from Learning Tree where he still teaches occasionally) and Mom’s a retired civil servant that is more busy with her crafts than she probably ever was working (and she was pretty busy when she worked..lol).  They’re living that Florida dream in their late 60s (well, Dad actually hit 70 this year come to think of it).

We got into town and zipped into their awesome oversized driveway with its RV spot, visited for a little while and then got the puppies settled for the night.  I made plans to break…er…fly the drone again at some point on day six.


Day Six – When in Florida…

After amazing showers (lol), we decided to roll out for a few hours to see some stuff and show the puppies some of beautiful North Florida.  We were out near Jax Beach and just started heading South.



googlemapI had this plan…and was “like, wtf.  If I could get the Cobra onto the beach, I have to be able to get the RV onto the beach, right?  On it.”

So Southward we went.  I figured that the beach season probably ran through 10/31 (and I was right).  But, of course, in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the beaches were still closed…sigh.

We did still find a nice one in Flagler County and were able to get the puppies out into the ocean for their first surf experience.  The beach at Malacompra Park is a nice, easy walk and was a perfect place to introduce the puppies to the wonders of that big puddle known as an “ocean”.

We saw Jax Beach, St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, Ponte Vedra and a bunch of Florida Route A1A as we zipped towards our eventual walk on the beach in Flagler County…

The Beach at Malacompra Park, Flagler County, Florida USA - Akula51.Net #BigRoadTrip2016
The Beach at Malacompra Park, Flagler County, Florida USA – Akula51.Net #BigRoadTrip2016

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Chloe of course was a natural.  She would see that water receding and had to chase after it…then would hilariously try to back up quicker than the water when the wave broke.  Star kept thinking that the seaweed caught in her leash was chasing her, but really settled in and did love the water on her feet.  Nacho will do anything his sisters does of course…lol

It was a great day for sure…:)

Everyone was exhausted so we headed back to see my folks and dine on some wonderful shrimp, fresh off the boat from Safe Harbor, which is very close to my parents (much closer than it was when they were in Orange Park for sure…lol).  Yum.

  • Getting Ready to Drive back to Jacksonville - #BigRoadTrip2016
  • On The Road back to Jacksonville - #BigRoadTrip2016
  • Getting Ready to Drive back to Jacksonville - #BigRoadTrip2016

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