So, Where Should #BigRoadTrip2016 Part Deux [8 November – 24 November] take us?

First, a word from our fictitious sponsor.


All our dogs want is Earth to stop moving

What the hell, might as well have a poll.

I’m getting ready to do today’s post on our movement from West Memphis, Arkansas through Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama into Florida. We really didn’t do too terribly much other than hurtle down the road again today, but I snapped a few pictures and we did make it to a Wal Mart so were able to pick up some new chairs and other odds and ends. That should be up later tonight.

But we really have no clue at this point where we’re heading after Election Day – we will have another 15ish days of unlimited mileage and generator time to burn. So, what the heck…lol


Vote early and often.

Suggest new shit. I doubt we want to be too cold, try to keep that in mind…:)