From Columbia to West Memphis…#BigRoadTrip2016 Day Two [A Driving Day]

Daddy – Check This Out! We Even Have a Window!

Today was our first “real day” on the road.  After seeing Jesse last night in Columbia, Missouri, we set out in a generally South-Eastern direction today, bound for Jacksonville, Florida.  This either means a lot of Interstate (I-70 and I-55) or US Highway 63.

We opted for the road less traveled and it was certainly much more to our liking.  Our puppies are between one and two years old so this is certainly very new for them – Chloe spent a lot of time in the car when she was very young, riding with Daddy as he took mommy to work and picked her up for a few months.  One morning, a noisy wiper blade spooked her during some mist and she never really wanted to go bye-bye anymore.

There was certainly no choice this time

Star has ridden here and there, never more than an hour and a half or so.  She’s concerned, but she’s pretty much concerned about everything.  She is definitely adapting quickly – now that Chloe is becoming more and more comfortable, the other two will certainly follow her more and Star is becoming more confident getting in and out of the motorhome by herself every time they go potty now.

Nacho, on the other hand…

Ten Pounds of Love - #Nacho #BigRoadTrip2016
Ten Pounds of Love – #Nacho

…is basically terrified of everything including his own shadow.  He’s the youngest and definitely hasn’t fully matured into the “protect his big seeeeesters” chap that he someday wants to become.  We could leave the fence open and Nacho probably wouldn’t run away – he’s more than happy to stay on his own turf, hide behind the other two, and bark incessantly.  When he’s afraid, he doesn’t seem to bark as much, so needless to say we haven’t heard a peep from Nacho.  Hopefully he will be on the “in and out by himself” plan in the morning.  We’re on the “tough love” plan at this point.  He’s our smallest at ten pounds (wet and full of food), but I can’t imagine moving a ten pound grocery sack of wet linguini up and down a half dozen times a day for another 34 or 35 days.

Negative, Ghostrider – that pattern is full

We didn’t see all that many photogenic panoramas – a few here and there…since it was our first day driving, we wanted to see how much we could do without rushing in the morning and driving really right until dark with plenty of stops and a lot of roads with speed limits around 55.  This RV is doing perfectly and really handles well.

The Nikon D7200 which we picked up as an upgrade for my old Nikon D70 is really performing amazingly.  Of course, all my old lenses work perfectly…Today was all hand-held with the 55-200 VR AF-S f/4-5.6G ED (for my fellow camera nerds).  I shot mainly aperture priority which is the way I always shot my D70…tomorrow I may try to figure out what some of these other buttons do.  I may let this puppy do some more of the thinking…it is just light years more capable than my old camera (which honestly still takes some incredible pictures since it uses the same glass).

Meri Jane will be using the D70 now which is awesome (she forgot her camera, but as my next post will indicate, I think we’re covered…lol).  She snapped a few great ones today with the D7200…

Tomorrow, we’re going to sprint South – I’m voting for US45 over I-55 but we’ll see how everyone feels in the morning.  I’d like to see the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow and spend the night on a beach.  The puppies have never seen one of those, but hopefully they’ll see quite a few and a whole lot more amazing things on #BigRoadTrip2016.

See You Soooooon!

Oh yeah – did I mention we’re staying literally right on the river here in West Memphis?  And tomorrow – we’re going to bring out the drone…:)

Yeah, wtf, we have a drone now too.



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