We…Are…Mobile! [#BigRoadTrip2016] Night 01 – #Columbia #Missouri #COMO #Mizzou

28 Feet of Akula51.Net On The Road - #BigRoadTrip2016
Our home for the next month or so…28 Feet of Akula51.Net on the Road

Wow.  So, this mic is on I guess…lol

Check, check.

Meri Jane and I have decided to take a little working vacation and see some of America during the run up and aftermath of this wondrous and completely mind-boggling election cycle we’re dealing with here in 2016.

Chloe: Daddy, lets get this show on the road...#BigRoadTrip2016
Chloe: Daddy, lets get this show on the road…

If you haven’t seen the other updates related to our big road trips – our last one was in 2014.  We spent a couple of weeks on the road after my engagement at the Maryland Connection ended.  I needed some time away from everything after a year or so working at/with a health insurance exchange.


Woof.  Woof.  Woof

It’s two years later, and of course Chloe, Star and Nacho have joined us…that necessitated a small change in plans…lol

Star and Nacho showing off their new Harnesses - #BigRoadTrip2016
Star and Nacho showing off their new Harnesses

That trip was just wifey and I jumping into an SUV and just setting out in a general direction.  No reservations, but we kinda had an idea of a few places we wanted to see.  And we were off.

This year, the first two weeks are going to be slightly more structured, and then of course we have to return home for Election Day.  After that – who knows, but we’re going to wrap this trip up at or around Thanksgiving.

We think…but who knows…haha  Oh yeah – we’re doing it in a Class C Motorhome this time.  Our theory is it’s going to be better for the dogs.  We already think it’s better for us (at least so far)…haha.

Before we started out, Naturally the Plan Changed

We planned to set out on the grand adventure tomorrow, but we actually got started a bit early.  An opportunity to see Jesse (Meri Jane’s son) presented itself – he is in his last semester at Mizzou (and is interviewing for a big job shortly – cross your fingers with us please), so we were able to actually load up and get a few hours closer to our first “real” destination – my parents in Jacksonville, Florida.

Destination One – Columbia, Missouri

This was hopefully the only real part of the road trip that is a familiar one – Liberty, Missouri (where we live) to Columbia, Missouri is certainly a trip we’ve made more than a few times these last few years.

Where Next?

We’re thinking that we’re going to head towards Memphis, Tennessee tomorrow for Night 02.  Then maybe Mobile, Alabama or Pensacola, Florida for Night 03…winding up in Jax around Saturday.  Along the way, we’re planning on seeing sites, chasing those brown historical marker signs, and of course getting some great pictures we will be sharing here and elsewhere.


After Jax, it’s off to Mulberry, Florida and then off towards Richmond, Virginia.  From there, we will head West back towards Missouri and should arrive precisely on the 8th of November.  We’ll take a night off and then who knows where we will head – as of now, my guess is Texas, but it could be Colorado, Arizona, or New Mexico as well.  I’m pretty sure it won’t be anywhere too cold…

We are coming to see…YOU

So, hey – if you’re along our route, drop us a line – we’d love to swing by and share a beverage and talk about how the world looks in your little corner of paradise.  I’m still the patron saint of the #NeverDecideUntilNovember movement, but I’ve been #NeverHillary since Slick Willie left office for sure.  We’d love to chat about how you feel this season – whomever you support (I’ve got friends in practically every camp – certainly all of the top 5 or so major candidates and many of the primary contenders).  We’d really like to know if how you feel and what you see matches what folks are actually saying about your area…lol

If you need us to do any work or cause any ruckus on behalf of your candidate and you think it may fit into our schedule – definitely let us know…lol  realakula51@akula51.net, etc.

From now through the Weekend…

Here’s what the first few days looks like…we won’t be taking these roads per se (preferring a back road or two here and there for sure), but this was a good way for me to estimate rough thirds in the drive.  We know where we are and where we want to be on Saturday but that’s about it.

Have a great night!

See you soon


Chloe has adjusted very well…haha

Chloe has made it to Night-Night - #BigRoadTrip2016
Chloe has made it to Night-Night

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