#PodestaEmails – Email ID 23706: “A Helpful and Supportive SuperPAC/Poll”

A Helpful and Supportive SuperPAC/Poll…

Key Players


In this e-mail, we see Jon Soltz of the Vet Voice Foundation (VVF) basically kissing John Podesta’s ass concerning a poll conducted by the Foundation, asking that it be used by the campaign.

23706-vetvoiceThat’s not really notable, until you stop to consider this was November of 2015, and the VVF is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) organization – you know, one of the ones that the IRS I guess approves quite regularly (unlike conservative and election integrity groups like True the Vote).

Just a little more SuperPAC/Clinton Campaign coordination – even before she was the nominee.

Click on the below image to pull up a PNG version of the e-mail.

Email ID 23706 (#PodestaEmails)
Email ID 23706

You can find this actual e-mail on Wikileaks here