The Final Debate 2016 Coverage…[ – #debatenight]

So, evidently there’s a debate tonight.  Here’s our coverage from the last media #ShitCircus.

Vegas turned out for the festivities…

We have a message from our sponsor, Wikileaks, before the festivities (on behalf of John Schindler, of course).

In case you missed it, big news from Charles Ortel today as well.

Check that sign out in the bottom right corner…lol

Say “Hi” to Bill for us.

We should be underway here shortly…as always, feel free to share and comment below.

Good luck.  I’m glad I don’t drink, because this is definitely new liver territory tonight.

Lots of news on the Rigged Election/Election Fraud front…

And there’s the Danney Williams thing…

We’re screwed. We’re totally screwed.

I think this sums it up best for me:


We’re recommending a nice family-centric album for tonight’s Debate run-up.  Noodles forever.

And in closing…