Rumor has it that #PodestaEmails3 (#Podesta3) has Landed…[]


Don’t forget our Leak 1/Leak 2 PodestaEmails Coverage Here:

This is a neat little chatroom/messaging app – I am on there as akula51, stop in and say Hi.

It’s best to start on the phone (download the Bebo app) and then when you log in say you want to join a room.  The code is “xhctpa”.  Once you’ve done that it syncs your desktop up to your phone similar to a manual WPS handshake with a code.  Then you can just go to the below link on the PC.

Neat stuff.  We’re going to blow this up – it looks like we can combine chat, twitter-like feeds, FB like message bases, etc.  Awesome.

And with that – we were off and running.

Here’s a video with a lot of this encapsulated (YouTube Link at Bottom of Post):


As always, the true professional opinions from my friend @20committee

Me and how to find me

Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn:  (My email is realakula51 at gee mail dot com)


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