Don’t Miss These Recent Hits! [#PodestaEmails/#DNCLeaks/#Guccifer2]


Talk about Fast And Furious…I mean – I know we will eventually…lol…but damn.

Can’t keep up.


At least the media will keep us grounded…lol


Here’s both of our Podesta Email Posts. They’re pretty topical.

Trump Tzu

And this is a theory we have about why this is all going down this way – Trump may have known about these leaks since around July 4th? Maybe shortly thereafter… We shall see how it all plays out.

Surfer Girl v Some Bear (or Douche?)

Don’t miss some infighting within the hacking community perhaps…? Looks like Roger the Douche may have gone where he shouldn’t have gone.

Several Guccifer2 Leaks

And of course, speaking of Guccifer 2…


We’ll close with this for now…:)


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