The #PodestaEmails (#PodestraEmails – sic) Coverage from the Trenches

So, the “Podesta Emails” are getting a lot of coverage at the moment.

Are they real?  Are they fake?  Only one way to know for sure…

There is a veritable plethora of damaging information that the US media is of course ignoring. They are just as complicit as they were during Obama’s two campaigns. That sycophantic enabling is what got us here to begin with.

An Oldie but a Goodie from 2013

It’s nice to see the world confirming my suspicions that we were up a creek as soon as we quit teaching Civics buried in there…lol

Social Studies meant the fix was in.

This is a neat little chatroom/messaging app – I am on there, need to figure out how to be “me”…haha  Whoa, there it is.  It’s best to start on the phone (download the Bebo app) and then when you log in say you want to join a room.  The code is “xhctpa”.  Once you’ve done that it syncs your desktop up to your phone similar to a manual WPS handshake with a code.  Then you can just go to the below link on the PC.

Neat stuff.  We’re going to blow this up – it looks like we can combine chat, twitter-like feeds, FB like message bases, etc.  Awesome.

Here’s another great icebreaker.

On to the fun.  There are a lot of these.  Bear with us…:)

And There’s more…

It just keeps coming…lol

We already have coverage up of #Podesta3 – check that out here:


So much more coming!  Updates to follow.  Sorry Bill.  This reign of terror ends now.



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