Debate Observations – 10/9/2016

OK, wtf. We will have a thread covering things tonight.  Here’s where we’re watching I think:

Here is the Tweet of the Night

Check this ongoing conversation out.

Also, from earlier – a great one from @20committee

Then we have this gem from my new friend Louise.

She’s on fire – you’ll see more of her.  Here’s a good one taking advantage of the current “environment”…lol.  I think Ben Howe did that graphic.


So, there’s definitely more coming.

This is how things started.

And then the fun started…

Narcissism For The Win!
Narcissism For The Win!

Still not sure what feed I’m watching yet, hmmm…

Oh wow.  This is beautiful

Stay frosted.  Or something like that.

Huge point here:

She’s stalling like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Lots of folks noticing this…


I think we’re going to end for the moment on this note.

Final thoughts at the moment (I think I’ll have a few posts on this tomorrow…lmao)

We are in a brave new territory now. Totally uncharted.



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