Uh…Shots Fired (h/t @RWSurferGirl1)

This is just a post to keep track of a particular Twitter conversation and what-not.  It’s probably nothing…;)

Key Players


Key Mentions



And we start…



Oh wait – what was that in response to? Yeah – a question that’s been on all of our minds, quite frankly.

TY for stepping up and asking, @RWSurferGirl1.

Shortlink:  bit.ly/SurferGirlvSomeBear

Let’s observe a professional in the wild and see what happens next, shall we?

I’ll probably be silent running for most of this, lurking is just one of those things I do best…hence the nickname and all…lol


Is this mike hot? Are we live again?

Yeah, we’re definitely live again

So, now we’re waiting for the Debate to start

REAL. ALEX. JONES. and Roger are chatting. It’s 6:something CDT.


As a thread pairing, tonight (this was on Saturday Night) we’re recommending Bow Down, from the Westside Connection (whole album).

Debate Night, we’re going to have to recommend some PsyTrance during the run-up to the debate itself…it should be calming yet allow maintenance of that crisp “edge”.


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