And the Wikileaks “October Surprise” is… (h/t @RealAlexJones)

I know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat…lol  Before we get into last night’s shitcircus though, some comedy.

More than anything, I hate driving any traffic to Media Matters, but they kinda nailed last night in this short video.

What’s up?  This will destroy the Clintons?

I guess I’ll hang out with Mr. Alex Jones of Infowars for the “Big Event”, which should be happening around 3am CDT.  Yeah, yeah.  Shit, I know.  Today was an odd one – I even retweeted Karl Rove at one point.  A lot of broken clocks out there today, I expect this will be a tremendously overhyped one.  All showings of the Julian Assange program seem to have been thus far.

Half of me thinks Assange is a stooge for Putin and the FSB.  All of me hates the Clintons and everything they stand for.  That means I’ll turn in and see what the information is, whether it needs to be and/or can be vetted, and see where the fallout takes us.  You’ll never see me describe him, Snowden or Manning as heroes.  Meh.

Or that other one…


Yeah, that prick Bergdahl.

I don’t like people meddling in our elections, but it’s been going on here for years as we’re now finding out, so I can’t just say “this is tainted by potential unproven connection to Russia so I have to ignore it.”  Seth Rich died for something.  That wasn’t random.

I’m sure I’ll live blog some of it.  Maybe down below in the comment section.

Someone else has to be staying up for this shit…lol

Here is the “Wikileaks 10 Years” Video that was part of their “Presentation”.

Maybe someone will get droned on live TV

Or Skype.  Something like that.


Here is the Press PDF from Wikileaks (so you don’t have to grab it from them)

10 Year Wikileaks Something or Another  10 Years Press Pack

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And…we all got trolled.


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