OK… Why are things accelerating? My left-field theory on the Trump “Strategy”

(Originally posted 10 August 2016, see bottom for updates…)

OK, so a few days ago I had the thought…

What if Trump set the whole Khan “fiasco” up?

Now, I’m more convinced that ever, in fact.  Let me give the broad brushstrokes of that one and relate it all to my theory again…

First…my actual theory is Trump knows or is gambling that he knows what is coming in the next set or next sets of leaks.  There could be several reasons for this – it is universally known at this point and quite accepted by both the professional and lay community that:

  1. Ms. William Jefferson Clinton basically dropped a frigging e-mail server out there onto the mighty Internet (thank you, Al Gore!).
  2. Ms. Clinton then had pretty much all her mail forwarded there so she could check her crackberry and TXT orders to her minions. When inconvenient, her staff just stripped the classifications and blasted shit through in the clear. One didn’t want to anger Mommy Dearest after all.
  3. Her people (or her) named it so arrogantly and obviously so as to make it a target for virtually every hacker on Earth (just in it for attention, of course).  My e-mail server for classified shit if I was running a global enterprise wouldn’t be akula51email.com.  Once I’m running the world, it will at least be ntagEFwg7zQnN6e8.com or some such crazy shit.  (If you need to remember that, the password generator suggests “nut tokyo apple golf EGG FRUIT walmart golf 7 zip QUEEN nut NUT 6 egg 8” as a helpful reminder).
  4. All of those e-mails (not just the “first set” of 33,000 released by Dearest Julian and wikileaks on 5/16) from that server are out there floating around in Cyberspace.

Now…at this point, I’m like…OK.  I need to make a list.  Who has these (with a relative probability) and what is the propensity for each of those entities to spread them?  The chance of one type of person spreading them is much higher or lower depending on all sorts of factors – e.g., financial, ideological, personal, general malice.

  1. OK…we *know* the hacksphere has the e-mails. That’s where the first penetrations more than likely occurred. Then someone knew someone who knew someone who…and someone needed their rent paid and…Yeah, the hacksphere certainly has the highest propensity for e-mail propagation.  high, high.
  2. Just as sure as I am that the hacksphere has the e-mails, I’m also certain that our very own National Security Agency has the e-mails. I’m sure they have all my e-mails. I’m sure every single one of us at any given moment is guilty until proven guiltier.  The NSA, if weaponized (like the IRS and other agencies) by one “side” or the “other” and the great ear is turned inwards instead of outward….sigh. Big Brother is already here – deal with it…lol. These guys all pretty much swore the same oath to the same constitution that all of us did (who did). They want to go home and see their kids after a long day of analyzing shit for the most part, and they know the forces at Big Government’s disposal, so propensity for e-mail spread is quite low here.  high, low
  3. Julian Assange and Wikileaks. OK, we certainly know he has the first set, I know I’ve read through quite a few (wink, wink – thanks for that – we certainly have common goals) – at this point who hasn’t. We know that Dearest Julian is in this “to make a point” (many think that point is to bring exposure to Julian), so of course he’s going to spread them when and where necessary to keep eyes on Julian.  We’re going to have to take a break for some 2pac at this point.  High, high (virtual guarantee that he has more and will continue leaking dox, even if Beckel goes over and shoots him).

  4. Tupac. Tupac probably doesn’t have them, and isn’t likely to spread them. low, low.

  5. 3000

  6. Yeah, I am guessing that this guy has them. This guy has them, this guy knows that the Ukrainian leadership is embroiled within them, and is getting ready to (legitimatelly) step in and calm all sorts of every stripe of “con” con artist bitches back down after all hell breaks loose. Additional CF/CGI leaks may or may further implicate current and/or past Ukraininan and Russian political figures not to mention oligarchs. If you have foreknowledge of things like this, you just make certain moves. Those moves may look reckless or aggressive to observers, but they’re just moves on a chessboard.
  7. There are many others – but wow, all of those folks probably have them and a couple have a high propensity to spread them. Even under some unimaginable extra-constitutional conditions, I’m sure some grizzled NSA veteran careerists “who didn’t sign up for this bullshit” are just waiting for the right excuse because they too perhaps have had enough…yadda yadda.

sniperfireOK, let’s say we suspect (as I do) that Mr. Trump has either possession of, knows broad brushstrokes of what’s within, or has been given advance warning of what is to come. How would this make some of the inexplicable actions and decisions he’s made/taken much more reasonable and (gulp) somewhat brilliant given the current conditions on the battlefield? It certainly explains his actions after the Convention.

With no real reason whatsoever (reminding me at the time of December 11, 1941), Trump continued to attack Cruz. This kept Republicans fighting Republicans (guaranteed coverage) which made it pretty easy for the DNC co-conspirators (aka mainstream media) to ignore the DNCEmails “problem” for those first 24-48 hours. This all seemed idiotic to most at the time, but in retrospect, we had two huge simultaneous things going on in the Democratic Party – a convention that was already scheduled to feature a giant fart-in and a massive e-mail dump that’s caused resignation of at least 4 senior leaders (not to mention proving the farters right that the whole thing was a “fix” from the start). There was only one way Trump could keep the free TV contribution spicket flowing – do something bold. Fortune favors the audacious after all. Attack Cruz. Say stupid shit about NATO. Talk about the Article XII. You’re in a race against (basically and allegedly) a criminal mastermind. Let her play her hand and block – just don’t do anything fatal like nominating Newt.

Let’s look at another recent “unforced error” with the benefit of hindsight.


Trump obviously had no reason whatsoever to wade into that situation – yet he did, both guns blazing. Again, keeping himself in the news for free while Ms. Clinton spends real $ for TV time. Nobody watching Matlock on the DVR and fast forwarding throguh commercials is undecided, those folks are at least cognizant of the news. Be on the news. There’s the Trump media strategy. Here’s my summation of his whole strategy so far to tie it together – Have no plan whatsoever (since they rarely survive first contact), keep the media focused on me (and with those lasers going 24 x 7 every day since a week or so before the campaign – we have to remember, they really haven’t come up with much at all), and wait for the (early- to mid-September) nuke. He’s playing the 21st Century equivalent of the four corners defense at the moment, but doing so with every single media outlet focused on him with 1,000,000 gigawatts of energy due to all of his effective battlefield preparation earlier. Don’t do anything stupid. All of that energy is focused in his direction and this “assassination” crap is all they came up with…yet boy they were all ready to pounce. DCCC and a few other big Democratic Party accounts follow me on Twitter (and I believe in the “keep your enemies closer” part of the old saying), so I courteously follow back. This all felt pretty scripted.clinton

So why Khan?

What if (yeah, usually I suspect I know the answer when I ask that)…what if Mr. Khan is in the forthcoming CF/CGI leaks as well? We know the professional website of that gentleman has been scrubbed, evidence is attempting to disappear, etc. What if it was all a very calculated ploy to keep media focused on Mr. Trump (“I’ll take a little hit here in exchange for the long term damage to my enemy”) while at the same time forcing Khan into the spotlight because Mr. Trump knows that will all explode when the full set of Clinton Foundation data (aka the rest of the e-mails from the later years of Ms. Clinton’s period as Secretary of State) comes to light?

I’m like – better check with the experts.

OK, that’s cool for the moment…lol It was 4:20pm, so I definitely took it as a sign.

I am looking at all of these unforced errors and missteps – and I am seeing not only the liberal left media intelligencia (I think that links to douchebag…lol) but a lot of folks reflexively knee-jerking in their condemnations at this point – often getting caught up in the left’s extreme hyperbole. I listened to that speech the other day 20 times before I cared – and when I did, it was on the side of “Christ, really? That’s a threat of assassination compared to what HRC said about Bobby Kennedy?”.

WomenAreTrashWhatever it was, a rally in Wilmington, NC received a serious amount of national attention for a few days.

I’m sure that’s good for Wilmington, I love the battleship memorial there and there’s always great seafood, I’m more of a Calabash guy from down the road in SC though.

I know it was and remains good for Mr. Trump…he’s just biding his time because he knows what is coming. And with news today (I saw the Drudge Red Letters go by, need to follow up on what’s behind that) that DoJ may or may not have actually blocked the probe into the Clinton Foundation…I think we’re conceivably about to see one or more mass exoduses and dumps the like of which make Watergate look like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Until then, like I told John Schindler earlier, I’ll just be this guy:


UPDATE: Oh wait

Look what happened a few days after I posted this post.

Some might call this at least partial confirmation

Things that make you go Hmmmmm….

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Stay on target. The force is with us.

When in doubt, blame the Russians.