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For your edification only, here is her personal history from Wikipedia, we will have a two more detailed descriptions later.

Personal life

In 1997 Marsden came to public attention for her role in the Simon Fraser University 1997 harassment controversy.[11] In 2004, Marsden pleaded guilty to harassment of her boyfriend, a Vancouver radio show host, following a breakup; she was given aconditional discharge with one year of probation. In Canada, a conditional discharge is a sentence passed in criminal court in which an individual is found guilty of an offence but is deemed not to have been convicted.[18][38]

In September 2007, a relationship between Marsden and anOntario Provincial Police officer ended. She posted his photo and identified him on her blog as an anti-terrorism officer and claimed he had leaked secret anti-terrorism documents to her.[39]The officer filed a complaint of harassment against Marsden, but this was later dropped. The OPP launched a separate internal investigation into the alleged conduct of the officer, whose lawyer described this as having cleared him of any wrongdoing.[11][29][40]

Marsden contacted Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales in 2006, claiming that her Wikipedia biography was libelous. Wales stated his involvement with her article was handled through the normal channels, and was “routine”. He also says he “recused [himself] from any further official action”, after their relationship became personal.[41][42] On February 29, 2008, the technology gossip blogValleywag claimed Wales and Marsden had entered into a relationship, and published instant messaging chats they allegedly exchanged.[43] On the following day Wales announced on his Wikipedia user page that he was no longer involved with her. In return, Marsden, who claimed to have learned about the breakup by reading about it on Wikipedia, turned to eBay and put up for auction a T-shirt and sweater with white stains that she claimed belonged to Wales.[16][42][44][45][46][47][48].

I’ve never seen anyone charged with harassment, and she was charged twice.


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