Akula51.Net FTF#003 – Mr. John R. Schindler

One of the first folks I connected with back when I started this Odyssey known as Tweeting was John Schindler.

Things generally go like that, forth and back…back and forth. Some of this shit is relatively serious enough to need to laugh at periodically…lol

Needless to say, we were on the same side of the “Snowden” situation.

(Great story, check that out.)

Long story being short, I had actually done a profile way back when on the witty Mr. Schindler, and much of it remains the same. I’m a big fan of reuse.


So, there we have it. If you need to know about NATSEC, NSA, CI/CT, SIGINT, INTEL, yadda yadda…now you have one more source.