What if? Just suspend disbelief for a second and take a walk with me…[Trump Set It All Up?]

@20committeeORIGINALLY POSTED 8/2/2016



John Schindler (aka “20committee” – his profile is coming up tonight as #003 in the “Follow These Friends” series) and I were trying to outsnark each other on the Twitter gizmo today. At this point, folks are just kinda waiting for whatever comes next…and generally, with Trump v. Clinton – one never has to wait all that long.

So, earlier today I laid out my official position on this whole Khan situation. I put it out there. I settled into my day and was fixing a bunch of old content on here. Bored, I ventured back into the kiddie pool known as Twitter…and everyone was still in something of an uproar over whether Trump was an asshole, had been led into a trap, was just going off half-cocked, etc. It was, in a nutshell, exactly what one would expect.

And then a light bulb went off. It was one of those black ones too – certainly not the one I was expecting.

What if Trump really did orchestrate the whole thing?

Why would he do that?


Hmmm…..This is definitely somethign that needs to be looked into.

Always timely, my friends at CQ Now dropped this right as we were discussing this…lol

Well played, CQ Now.

UPDATE 10/15/2016

Well, would you look at this?


Very very interesting $375,000 payment from the Clinton Foundation to Mr. Khan, no?

I wonder what else is lurking within #PodestaEmails that may be connected to Mr. Khan…

I know this is going to be a very, very interesting week.



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