Show of hands, fellow vapers…Who else is just fed up with our Government?

Background…(why not?)

Books, A Brick In The Wall, and a Box Mod
No, really. That’s a piece of the Berlin Wall

I started chewing tobacco (well, more precisely “dipping snuff”) pretty early in life.  I admit, at times I can be something of an “early adopter”, generally at precisely the wrong times…lol.  Bill Gates missed the whole “internet” thingy when it was in its infancy…the CIA missed that “Berlin Wall” thingy when it started toppling…I’m not sure whether Ms. Youree Dell Harris missed the date and time of her tragic passing last week or not.

I certainly missed all that information that said “hey, uh…this wintergreen flavored shit might not be too good for you, dude.”  Damn the willful blindness!  (spit)  Full speed ahead!  Plus, it was really good at keeping chicks away – I’ve always been a little bit anxious, so it was a great subconscious defense mechanism.

I tried to roam the fringes of the world mainly – never getting too terribly connected with anyone since I traveled so much for work and usually had a wintergreen flavored turd in my mouth. If you dip for a while, you get to the point where your mouth just says “I get it” and you stop salivating in certain places. Human symbiosis with plants is very cool stuff. I certainly didn’t tell my mouth to do it, it just kinda happened. I could dip in theatres, on airplanes, at work, in bars, in cars, with stars…once or twice even when behind bars (thanks again to our brave law enforcement community for putting up with me when I used to “consume alcohol”…lol  I will never forget – #BackTheBlue).

At the end of the day though, I’m one of those meat popsicles with a brain that enjoys mild stimulants. There’s been a veritable plethora of caffeine…some chocolate – for me mainly on top of bread…a (very) tiny amount of exercise…and of course my main man Nic has always been there.  He might be part Irish (like me) – I’m not sure.  Nic O’Tine.  I need to think about that some more….hmmm.  To me, nicotine is in the exact same class of mild stimulants as the rest of mild stimulants.  That may be a rationalization – quite possibly it’s filed under “justification”.  Regardless, if I found a technology that allowed me to enjoy the effects of the substance, while minimizing any sort of risks of burning or swallowing any cancer-producing shit – it was certainly worth consideration.

Where "Vaping" Started for me...
MedVape. aka Where “Vaping” Started for me…

So I tried “e-cigs” for a while…honestly, they were really effective for consuming (very) concentrated THC when I found them (I was…uh…”in Amsterdam”, yeah…that works), so I said “Hmmm…maybe they work for nicotine too.” As a chewing tobacco cessation product, they were roughly just as effective as Nicorette™ (which helped trash my teeth), those patch things (which made me even more anxious), or just quitting “cold turkey” (being in healthcare IT for so long, it was usually for the best to completely avoid felony assault charges).  Sure, I could quit for a little while (I was able to set the Kodiak down for a year or more at a time several times through the decades) – but at some point, my trusted friend and confidant Nic O’Tine was back by my side.

Then I found “Sub-Ohm Vaping”

I was blown away.  Finally I had found something that allowed me to literally kick dip and snuff to the curb. I haven’t even touched a can of Kodiak since the first time I built a coil. I was so impressed that I changed everything. Overnight. I quit caring about politics (or so I thought). I redesigned my whole personal “brand” and identity. I’ve been “akula51” as long as I can remember, but it certainly all came together nicely when the Akula-class (NATO designation) sub was on top of an ohm symbol, etc. Sub-Ohm.  Get it?  heh heh heh.  heh heh.

This was serious, no-shit, life-changing stuff.SimpleNewLogo-hires I immediately embarked on a crusade to learn everything I could about the industry, the community, and the people behind it. This was something I could easily dedicate my life to helping get the word out wherever I could. I was a newbie, but shit – I had a blog. That meant something (at least to me…lol).

Life was good. I literally made tons of friends all over the world. Overnight. I learned a little bit about battery safety (best place to start), a little bit about building coils, a little bit about making e-juice, and of course by now I had forged relationships with a bunch of great people in the industry.  Interesting side effect – I had completely forgotten that I had ever been anxious to begin with. People with funny weird names like my “akula51” moniker – “Twisted Messes“, “Squidoode“, and “OhmBoyOC” were having effects on me and changing my life in ways they weren’t even realizing.

Whoa.  Thank you, vaping.

Yes.  Seriously.  When people say trite things like “vaping changes lives” – it actually does. Really…lol It definitely changed (and continues to change) mine.

Needless to say, I was pretty shocked when my most cunning of foes returned to piss in my Raisin Bran. I had lost track of the Nanny State community and their personal jihad against individual rights. They never seem to sleep though. Eternal vigilance, I know…I know.

Welcome Back, Big Government!

Shit. Talk about tying it all together…haha. Whenever life is going pretty well, I can usually count on the American Government to expand ever-so-slightly (or a lot – e.g., Patriot Act) and rain on my parade. I don’t make any secret that I’m an independent conservative and really dedicated to reducing the size of the behemoth. That usually places me at odds with practically everyone over one issue or another, and of course means that damned anxiety starts to come back. I really (at that point in my life) just wanted to vape (a lot) and do a lot of blogging…lol I certainly wasn’t leaving my house as much anymore – the beauty of sub-ohming in 2014 or 2015 was you couldn’t find most of the stuff locally. When you did, if you were like me, you generally knew a lot more than the clerk who was insisting that you needed the latest and greatest gadget or falsely marketed piece of shit 18650. My playground is the internet, and that’s where it was all happening.

BRB, I think our Letter Carrier is here

My first Box Mod -
If you want Prosumer-level gear, you want ModzByNasy

Another change in my life due to vaping?  Of course…lol. Yes, I have a wonderful relationship with our postal service and their chief representative in my life now. I’m a guy that didn’t check the mail for weeks at a time earlier in life.  Well, when I started vaping, I put those poor folks through hell. The sheer volume of packages coming and going from my address when I was trying to find “the right products” was staggering. By now, I use the same basic configuration every day – a Nasy Box and a Youde tank called the Zephyrus.  I have quite a few different Nasy Boxes – full disclosure: Nate (Nasy) is a personal friend of mine (thank you, vaping). Sometimes I help him with some web/design stuff, sometimes he helps me with some vaping stuff. We’ve spent hours on Google Hangouts talking about vaping, bitching about the Government, trash talking other “modders” (that reminds me, I need to order some stickers).

I started out as a retail customer, looking for “prosumer” gear like everyone else I knew. And I accidentally made a life-long friend.

Modz By Nasy is *THE* prosumer-level, hand-crafted, American-made vape gear.  Period.  End of Uncompensated Edorsement…lol

Thank you, vaping. I’ve bought (and sold) more than a few sub-ohm vaping devices. As I type this, I’m literally holding and using the first “box mod” I ever purchased. I always break it out for “special occasions” like today…:)  I don’t vape unregulated much anymore – but aiming for “prosumer” level stuff meant I could spend $100ish in early 2015 and still have a device that works just as well as the day I bought it well over a year and a half later. Again, full disclosure being what it is – I’ve never been nor can I ever imagine being on Nate’s payroll. After evaluating a bunch of different devices, his stuff was always what I went back to – unreg parallel, unreg series, PWM…doesn’t matter. I love telling friends about his stuff because it’s from the heart…haha.

Oops…this section was going to be about Jeremy, and Nate wandered in.

Our letter carrier is named Jeremy.

Jeremy, Letter Carrier of the Year
Jeremy, Official Akula51.Net Letter Carrier of the Year

He’s a great guy (“City #19”). I try to chat with him as often as my anxiety lets me get outside – he usually takes an official scheduled work break in front of our mailbox (our puppies always seem to have that effect on everyone…:)  This will be a good reminder that I need to get off my ass and let our Postmaster know just how satisfied we are with this young man.  I’ll do a whole feature on him at some point – he’s going places. Ladies, this is a “good guy”.

We need to find him a sponsor that can hook him up with a new computer – I guarantee when this guy is streaming some game content in his spare time, he’s going to make Twitch or someone a lot of $.

Single, responsible dads like him need to be able to make Christmas special this year. We just talk about normal stuff, so I’m not sure if he’s “taken” – I can put in a good word for you with him if you’re in the KCMO area and pass my wife’s screening tests…lol  Nothing like living vicariously through my friends to keep life fun.

Back to vaping.

Oh yeah – Thank you, Vaping

So all of these amazing changes have happened in my life. Literally due to sub-ohm vaping. They might have happened anyway, sure. We’re all maturing and evolving in response to our environment. And why am I even mentioning it?  You guessed it, Big Government.

Four Ingredients
The FDA Sucks

Big Government is the only force in the universe that can literally convince itself that Cigarettes are “approved” but innovation within Vaping must be destroyed.

You may not have heard about the changes in our community that the FDA is bringing about in a week or so (I need to write more on that too). They certainly brought a lot of anxiety back into my life.  Between a shitty job and Big Government shitting on my community, next thing I knew my blood pressure was up in the “oh shit” range (which is detailed in some other post here…haha).

The Two-party Paradigm

Big Government. Statism. Corporotocracy.

These are the only things that could bring us to where we’re at today.  Vapemageddon is in less than a week.  If you’re not familiar with August 8th and it’s significance, now is the time to find out. Call your congressmen.  Call your senators.  Call your president.  Call your friends.  Call people at random.  Don’t call me because I rarely if ever answer the phone…lol

I will do a full post on the implications of what the FDA is doing on behalf of their gracious sponsors in Big Pharma and Big Tobacco later today. It will mainly link to the experts – all of this information is out there and has been for a little while. It’s probably too late.  I think all we can really do at this point is pray for the salvation known as injunctive relief.

And, well…a lot of us are going to prepare for the Black Market that these inane regulations will cause.  Yep, a lot of folks in and out of the vaping industry are going to get “Kennedy Rich” when all is said and done – it always happens when Big Government steps in and rewards whoever the special interest du jour happens to be.

Big Government, of course, has a patron above all other patrons.

You may know them by their hashtag – #BigPopcorn.

They like to create chaos in the name of the “Nanny State” and then sell lots of their product while we all attack each other instead of the corporations who are controlling every aspect of our lives.


Vodka Not Vape Juice