Two Weeks – And From Here to November

Whew. My nickname is “Akula51” which of course is a reference to a “Nuclear Attack Submarine”. The 51 was my football number…lol13707669_166872163724559_5021748123301591731_n

Those things go underwater for long periods of time (as long as possible), get near the surface, cause tremendous amounts of chaos, and then “clear datum” while they assess the impacts to the targets.

That was a crazy two weeks, I say…:)

We will definitely be doing a lot of analysis this weekend. Thank you everyone who helped and is helping!

Meanwhile, we all need a period of reflection after these two crazy weeks. I’m going to listen to one of my favorite songs over and over again for a little while…:) Like with most Russian SSNs, if you know where to find them, you know where to find them. This blog is like Rybachiy or Severomorsk – wink, wink.

mission accomplished 2From here to November is a three month period – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

(thoughts and post originally started on Facebook before I remembered I’ll be limiting exposure there and focusing here)